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Since the last instalment, our #edfilmfest fans have been enthusiastically tweeting more news, reviews, and updates for us.

Thanks to the 8 1/2 foundation dance flash mob, #edfilmfest has been a UK trending topic on Twitter! Thank you all for joining in the conversation.

Here are more top tweets!

We've received loads of great photos:

The #edfilmfest at the cameo

@edfilmfest Terrific Tilda talks tooth fairies with my kids

#edfilmfest bit quiet in screening!

A slew of final reviews:

Ah, #edfilmfest winding down. Still time to cram in a few more. C'est déjà l'été was excellent.

Saw my last two films at @edfilmfest tonight. Lucky Luke was utterly brilliant and The Heartbreaker was good fun with great acting.

Cherry Tree Lane @edfilmfest. Proof you can make gripping cinema without breaking the bank.

Just saw the film of 'The Extra Man' by @JonathanAmes at @edfilmfest Really enjoyed it. Kevin Kline is brilliant as Henry.

Mr Nice was awesome. Thanks @edfilmfest!

And some bittersweet goodbyes. We hope to see you again next year!

@rorymchenry (co-director, Jackboots on Whitehall)
About to fly back to London, had an amazing time at @edfilmfest and don't want to go home! In the words of Arnie, I'll be back.

Thanks to #edfilmfest for what I reckon was a pretty classic year. Got 8 films done. Kaleidoscopically good.

Finally, a big shout out to Edinburgh Spotlight (@EdinSpotlight) for tweeting and allowing us to feature these fantastic photographs and video from the dance flash mob from the 8 1/2 Foundation.

There's still time, so don't forget to send us a tweet and tell us how you've been enjoying the festival!

You can follow my personal tweets here - so please do say hello.

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