Six of the Fest: Thrillers

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It's set to be a long, hot summer, but EIFF knows how to chill you to the bone.

Two Eyes Staring
Holland's scariest film since The Vanishing. Set in an old Belgian mansion, 9 year-old Lisa befriends a basement-dwelling peer. This dark psychological thriller is Dutch's answer to chillers such as The Ring and The Grudge and, following their lead, has already attracted interest for potential Hollywood remakes. Don't wait till after this one to visit the castle ...

Cherry Tree Lane
Don't be fooled by its cheerful title or setting; the prosperous professional couple who live on Cherry Tree Lane will soon find that their son Sebastian is in a spot of bother. This seemingly unassuming urban thriller is raw, revealing, and nerve-splittingly tense.

R is for racked - the state your nerves will be in after attaching this claustrophobic prison-yard picture. Filmed in a real-life prison in Denmark with ex-cons as extras, gripping realism makes R an intense thriller with tensions that rise like the testosterone in a shared prison cell.

Red Hill
If you like some action with your thrills, Red Hill is your best bet. This Western-style thriller is set in the outback of Australia, where a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues between a young police officer (Ryan Kwanten, True Blood) and and escaped murderer (Tommy Lewis). This hot pursuit from down under is a stunning, clever, and violent action-thriller.

Winter's Bone
Set in the desolate Orzark Mountains of the USA, 17 year-old Ree Jolly (Jennifer Lawrence), desperately struggles to save her family and herself from crack cocaine dealers. Where death is a distinct possibility, this enigmatic thriller is as chilling as its name suggests.

The Hard Way
For a rural hitman (Patrick McGoohan), The Hard Way is the only way to learn. This minimalist thriller features a troubling score from Brian Eno and career performance from McGoohan. A forgotten classic, it's stark, lean, and unforgettable.

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