New guests announced for EIFF retrospective

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In addition to our exclusive screenings of forgotten British classics, we're delighted to announce additions to the line-up of legendary directors attending the Festival.

None other than Ken Russell, the larger-than-life director of Tommy and Women in Love, will be gracing the stage to introduce Savage Messiah. Originally released in 1972 and starring Helen Mirren, it is a film in which art is sex and everything else is propaganda.

Kevin Billington will make an extremely rare guest appearance to introduce his uproarious satire, The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer. Penned by the members of Monty Python and featuring a mischievous performance from Peter Cook, it is as audacious as it is hilarious. Don't miss out on a rare appearance from this eminent filmmaker.

Revered directors Stephen Frears and Mike Hodges will also be joining us at the groundbreaking discussion event which is central to the After The Wave retrospective, giving you an inside look at these terrific filmmakers and their legendary work. There are still some tickets left for this event which will be broadcast by Radio 4.

Russell, Billington, Frears, and Hodges have helped shape the British film industry with their remarkable work.

Stephen Frears will be presenting Gumshoe this Sunday 20 June. Frears directed one of the benchmarks of British cinema in the 1980s, the beloved My Beautiful Laundrette.

One of the most celebrated British directors, later in his career, he took his filmmaking ventures to a wider audience in Hollywood, with Dangerous Liaisons and The Grifters. Returning to a slightly more British sensibility, Frears adapted Nick Hornby's best-selling novel High Fidelity in an American setting. His reverence has lived on into the the last decade with his stunning feature The Queen, in which Helen Mirren delivered an Oscar-winning performance.

Mike Hodges has also achieved cult success with films such as his 1971 hit Get Carter. This was the first of two films shot in quick succession with Michael Caine in the starring role. He will be introducing Pulp, the dark comedy which  followed soon after, and will also be screened on Monday 21 June.

Who better to hear from than the greats? Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to see the gems of our industry in action. For a behind the scenes look at these great British films and a lively discussion of the nation's past and present filmmaking, come along to the After the Wave Discussion Event this Sunday 20 June.

Featuring Frears and Hodges among others, it's an event that no cinema-lover should miss.

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