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Meet the man who writes 'bloke's' novels about football, record collecting and depression that everyone wants to read, if transatlantic success in print and on screen are any measure.

Nick Hornby knows a thing or two about catching that elusive beast, the zeitgeist. His first novel, Fever Pitch captured the sentiments of a generation, providing witty reflections on life and the beautiful game, making the football novel universally acceptable.

He scored again with High Fidelity, a combination of pop culture references and acute observation of relationships (or lack thereof) in the urban male.

About A Boy was one of the greatest hits of the nineties, Hornby manfully covered darker material from depression to teenage angst and arrested development via Kurt Cobain and Roberta Flack.

His next book to hit the silverscreen, A Long Way Down, is set to be produced by Johnny Depp. More recently, he was BAFTA and Oscar-nominated for his screenplay of the fresh coming of age film, An Education.

It seems like the ‘voice of nineties’ is set to also become the voice of the noughties, so don't miss In Person: Nick Hornby. Get your tickets here.


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