When Pontin's meets Portishead

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As Rockness and Download kick-start the UK's musical gatherings, the EIFF gets its own taste of festival fever courtesy of All Tomorrow's Parties.

There's a wealth of music-infused films to choose from in this year's line-up but when it comes to capturing the raw and unglamourised spirit of the alternative music scene, All Tomorrow's Parties proves unmissable.

A veritable lucky bag of footage shot through the lenses of film cameras and camera phones by musicians and fans alike, the end result is a highly absorbing DIY mish-mash that encapsulates the non-corporate ethos of a cult festival that's now entering its tenth year.

Not content with the big screen experience alone, Warp Films and ATP team up with Future Cinema to create a one-off, six hour long sensory feast where cinema-meets-live performance at the film's premiere on the 24 of June at The Picture House.

With Mogwai, Animal Collective and Sonic Youth all having made appearances at past festivals, a DJ set from Belle and Sebastian's Chris and a secret performance from a mystery Scottish band continue ATP's trademark unpredictability and underground essence.

Not forgetting the festival's idiosyncratic, holiday camp roots the night also features a game of midnight bingo allowing audiences to dust off their dobbers amidst a whirl of blue coats and Northern Soul dancers.

Follow the links below for booking information on the three different ways you can experience All Tomorrow's Parties at the EIFF.

* Tickets for the film and live show on the 24 June from 20:00 to 2:00

* Tickets for the show only on the 24 June from 21:30 to 2:00 - tickets available from Avalanche Records and Ticketweb

* Tickets for the cinema screening on the 25 June at 18:00


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