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Lurking in the gloom of the videotheque and circling the corridors of Cineworld; the critics have been here all Festival but which features left a lasting impression on the Rotten Tomatoes jury?

It's a tough life reviewing film so it's no surprise that most of the critics' favourites from the Fest have a comedy thread running through them. 

Critic and Editor of Rotten Tomatoes UK, Joe Utichi, touted Shane Meadows' faux-rockumentary Le Donk as the must-see film of the Fest.

"Le Donk is absolutely hilarious. I'm a Shane Meadows fan as it is but he's really managed to turn this film from nothing into one of the funniest films I've seen in years."

David Edwards from the Daily Mirror chose both Adventureland and Black Dynamite as his favourites.

"Black Dynamite was a hit with me, it's a very amusing and affectionate look at a Blaxploitation send up.

I also loved Adventureland which is from the director of Superbad. I think it'll be quite big as there's a buzz about it already."

'Bromance' comedy Humpday also proved a hit with Wendy Ide from The Times.

"I really liked Humpday, it's so irreverent and free-wheeling. It shows an evolution in the mumblecore movement of riffing conversations that don't really have anything to say but this film does and it's very satirical."

Meanwhile it was Fishtank, a grim yet at times darkly humorous look at life on an Essex estate, that struck a chord with Anna Smith from Elle Magazine.

"Fishtank is such an amazing piece of film. From the minute I started watching it I was hooked.

You also don't know where the film's going to go which is refreshing for someone like myself who watches and reviews films on a regular basis."

Keep an eye out to see which feature the Rotten Tomatoes jury voted their film of the Fest. 




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