Six of the Fest: Thrillers

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Looking for the perfect date movie? Then think again. This week's hair-raising half-dozen puts perverts, serial killers and gangsters under the spotlight.

The Hurt Locker

Already winner of four awards at the Venice Film Festival, director Kathryn Bigelow's action-thriller sees two soldiers responsible for bomb disposal put in even greater danger after the arrival of an unruly new sergeant. Set in Iraq, Hurt Locker succeeds in mixing current affairs with the drama of high octane, military combat.

Mesrine (Part 1) & (Part 2)

Hailed as the Godfather of French cinema, director Jean-Francois Richet's two-part tale of gangster Jacques Mesrine adds the grit and gore Hollywood forgot to add. With Vincent Cassel taking on the role of Mesrine, expect plenty of his signature tough guy charisma and flair.


A dark and chilling look at isolation in London's seedy underworld, lonely oddball Tony (Peter Ferdinando) finds his innermost secrets unraveled when the hunt begins for a missing local child. Boasting a dark yet unnerving humour reminiscent of Chris Morris' Jam, Tony is all about those lifestyles probably best left behind closed doors.

Distance (Distanz)

Not content with pruning bushes, Daniel (Ken Duken) the gardener turns to random acts of violence to pass the time instead. Even with his love life looking rosy, Daniel's blossoming relationship with Jana (Franziska Weisz) proves a weak deterrent against a life of brutality and murder as director Thomas Sieben delves fully into the mind of the serial killer.


Almost a one man show with Yung Ik-June taking on the role of lead actor, writer and director, Breathless is a Korean gangster-thriller like no other. With foul language, domestic violence and self-hatred at every turn, can Soon-Hong's (Ik-June) encounter with schoolgirl Han Yeon-Heui (Kot Bi-Kim) offer him the second chance he so desperately needs?


EIFF favourite Christian Petzold returns with his latest, and possibly greatest, following 2007's Yella. It's a typically ice cool number from the teutonic master of the psychological thriller, loosely based on The Postman Always Rings Twice. Petzold regular Nina Hoss turns in another assured performance in the lead role.


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