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A brazilian Billy Elliot, a gaggle of Mexican boxers and a mere one million lesser flamingos make up the half-dozen must-see documentaries this Festival. 

The Last Heroes of the Peninsula: Wed 24 June, 17:15 Cineworld

Responsible for producing five world boxing champions, The city of Merida in Mexico is king of the ring. Retelling tales of glory and defeat in equal measure, this charming and lively documentary revisits the sporting heroes behind the legend, many of which still live in Merida. 

The Crimson Wing: Thu 25 June, 18:00 Cineworld / Fri 26 June 18:15 Cineworld

Striking cinematography twinned with an uplifting soundtrack from The Cinematic Orchestra, Disney’s first nature documentary for sixty years reaffirms their position as leaders of the pack. Delving into the delicate life cycle of East Africa’s lesser flamingo, The Crimson Wing is a stunning ode to one of nature’s most secretive birds.

Outrage: Sun 21 June, 21:00 Cineworld / Sat 27 June 18:00 Cineworld

Another political expose courtesy of This Film is Not Yet Rated director Kirby Dick, Outrage courageously unmasks a number of closeted American politicians who actively campaign against the LGBT community. Highly topical on both a social and political level, Kirby Dick once again achieves in surfacing the secrets others wish to remain undisturbed.

Garapa: Tue 23, 18:00 Filmhouse 2 / Thu 25, 17:00 Filmhouse 2

The third installment in Jose Padhila’s trilogy on corruption and crime in Brazil, this year’s outing sees him examine the devasting effects of malnutrition. Focusing on the film’s namesake – a drink made from raw sugar-cane – Padhila follows three young Brazilians in the fight for survival with Garapa their only food source.

Nollywood Babylon: Wed 24, 15:00 Filmhouse 2

The third-largest film producing country after India and America, Nigeria’s answer to Hollywood has a firm following at home but remains relatively unknown outside the country. Used by the evangelical church to spread its gospel, Nollywood Bablyon is a lively look at a film industry vastly different from any other.

Only When I Dance: Sun 21, 16:30 Cineworld / Thu 25, 14:00 Filmhouse 2

Like a brazilian Billy Elliot, this dance themed documentary follows two teenage ballet dancers as they fight to escape the crippling poverty of the favelas. Laced with the ups, downs and unpredictability of life, Only When I Dance is a colourful tale with a remarkably human side.

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