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Kirby Dick talks candidly about the closet in American politics.

As far as courting controversy in Hollywood goes, Kirby Dick is going the right way about it.

Writer and director of This Film Is Not Yet Rated (EIFF 2006), Kirby returns to this year’s Fest with Outrage; a searing expose into the anti-gay stance of closeted politicians in America.

While This Film Is Not Yet Rated questioned the politics engulfing the American film ratings board, Outrage see’s Kirby switch from Hollywood to Washington in search of the answers to more controversial questions.

Focusing on a number of American politicians Kirby suggests are 'closeted', the documentary examines how their voting tactics and stance against gay adoption and same sex marriage is used as a veil to hide their own sexuality.

Not so much an exercise in ‘outing’ but a refreshing discussion about gay rights, Kirby successfully serves up another biting documentary for those with a taste for current affairs with a controversial twist.

You can catch Outrage on 27 Jun, 18:00 Cineworld.

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  • Paul Laird Friday 26th June, 2009 / 23:30 GMT

    It is wildly inaccurate to say that his isn't equally an exercise in "outing" as a discussion about gay rights.

    To suggest it isn't is to remove the heart of the film which is to highlight the hypocrisy of those politicians who stay locked in the glass closet while ensuring misery for those gay men and women who have been brave enough to step outside.
  • Maricar K Thursday 26th August, 2010 / 08:13 GMT

    American film rating standards have always been fairly controversial. The clash between directors, studios and the Motion Picture Association of America ratings board has touched off fiery debate (well-documented in the 2006 documentary This Film is Not Yet Rated), and now Time Magazine reports there's something new to fire up tempers in Hollywood. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made its stance by saying all movies with smoking in them shouldn’t be seen by young teens and children, therefore giving the movies an “R” rating.

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