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Check out the fantastic line-up for Best of the Fest on Sunday 28 June. Tickets are on sale now, and are only £6 or you can get 4 for a bargain £18.

Get great value on a stunning selection of films that you may have missed first time around . Many of our Best of the Fest selection were sell-outs, and you can see them for a bargain £6. Even better, if you buy three tickets, the fourth is FREE.

Starting from 10 in the morning, you can have a four movie marathon on Sunday 28 June for only £18.

Remember, many of these films will sell out FAST, so book now to avoid disappointment.

The Best of the Fest line-up is:

10:00 The Calling, Filmhouse
10:00 Boogie Woogie, Cameo
11:00 Follow the Master, Filmhouse
12:00 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life, Cameo
12:15 A Boy Called Dad, Filmhouse
12:35 Fish Tank, Filmhouse
14:10 Atletu, Filmhouse
14:30 Van Diemen’s Land, Cameo
14:55 The September Issue, Filmhouse
16:15 Jalainur, Filmhouse
16:45 Mary and Max, Cameo
17:00 Wasted, Filmhouse
17:15 Wide Open Spaces, Filmhouse
18:20 Black Dynamite, Filmhouse
19:10 Moon, Filmhouse
19:20 Le Donk & Scorz-ayz-ee, Filmhouse
20:15 Exam, Filmhouse
21:00 Crying with Laughter, Filmhouse
21:15 Giallo, Filmhouse

Tickets for all films screening as part of Best of the Fest are on sale now.

Tickets can be purchased online, in person at Filmhouse box office or by calling 0131 623 8030.

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  • Andrew Lamberton Monday 22nd June, 2009 / 11:57 GMT

    Most of the links don't work...
  • Neil McPhillips Monday 22nd June, 2009 / 12:15 GMT

    I'm surprised that Exam is in there, I thought it was a 2 star film at best.
  • Chris Warren Monday 22nd June, 2009 / 12:16 GMT

    Exam, Black Dynamite and Fish Tank are all showing as "Too late!" for the 28th. The rest are fine though.
  • Robin Pendrigh Monday 22nd June, 2009 / 14:29 GMT

    "Exam, Black Dynamite and Fish Tank are all showing as "Too late!" for the 28th. The rest are fine though."#

    I just got tickets for Exam with no problem, Maybe try again?
  • Chris Warren Monday 22nd June, 2009 / 16:18 GMT

    Cheers - looks like they fixed it :)
  • Andy Nicholson Tuesday 23rd June, 2009 / 17:10 GMT

    How come no space for Away We Go or Secret Life of Kells

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