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Sam Mendes' latest film launched this year's fest, and the director was joined by the stars of the film on the red carpet for the glamorous Opening Night Gala.

Director Sam Mendes is delighted that his new film, Away We Go, is having its UK premiere at the EIFF.
Speaking at the film’s press launch the American Beauty Director shared his affections for the Film Festival as well as the city itself.

“What a fantastic place to be, I’m happy for the international premiere to be here. Away We Go could have got lost at a festival like Cannes but I think it gets a better look in in a place like this.”

Mendes was in Edinburgh for the opening night screening of his new film. He was joined on the red carpet by lead actor John Krasinski, actress Carmen Ejogo and EIFF patron Sir Sean Connery.

Following a thirty-something couple looking to put down roots before the imminent arrival of their first child, Away We Go features a much more upbeat side to Mendes’ film making in comparison to his last cinematic outing, Revolutionary Road.

“Having just worked on Revolutionary Road, a much bleaker film, I was ready to make something that was its polar opposite. I loved the script, I loved the characters; it just made me laugh.”

A recurring thread that runs through his other works, Mendes continues to look at a slice of American life as his oddball couple take a road trip across the states before reaching a heart-warming and life affirming conclusion.

“There’s always something you connect with in a movie. All my movies have featured to some degree a character that’s lost their way and have to find their way through. In this one, unlike my others, they do.”

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