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Print Traffic Volunteers (2 posts)

This role is about literally getting the films from Festival HQ to the various cinemas.

This position is being shortlisted or has been filled, and is therefore not open for applications.

One 4 and one 2 week post in June, including the Festival dates. Mix of part time and full time.

This role is about literally getting the films from Festival HQ to the various cinemas - moving film prints and other screening materials from A to B. As well as transporting film drives and reels safely to their destinations you will help keep the film vault in order and help label films as they come in.

You will be organised, a good communicator, ready to troubleshoot if necessary and be alert to priorities and deadlines. Patience, team spirit, a sense of humour and ability to follow instructions and use leg muscles also required.

Part of the Programme Planning team and one of the most essential jobs of the Festival, this is one of the few volunteer roles based in the Filmhouse offices during the Festival itself and giving behind the scenes experience of our cinema venues.

One of the volunteers will be recruited to start at the end of May to join the Print Traffic team part time (up to 16h/week) to help label films and keep them in order in our film vault. The second volunteer will join the team for the Festival dates and the two volunteers will work alternative shifts, usually a mix of half and full days between the hours of 9.30am and 5.30pm.


Please see the EIFF Recruitment Policy in the introduction section for further information on EIFF Volunteers.


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