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Working as part of the Guest Services team you will assist the Jury Coordinators in all activities related to taking care of the Festival juries.

This position is being shortlisted or has been filled, and is therefore not open for applications.

2 weeks in June, including the Festival period plus training. 5 full-time posts.


Working as part of the Guest Services team you will assist the Jury Coordinators in all activities related to taking care of the Festival juries who are invited to Edinburgh to adjudicate Awards including the Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film, the Award for Best International Film, the Best Documentary Award and various Short Film Awards. Juries usually comprise three people and each Jury has its own Coordinator to manage and assist them during their visit to Edinburgh.

As directed by the Coordinators, volunteer duties can involve ensuring jury members meet the requirements of their schedules of screenings, social events, media duties and Festival meetings, delivering messages and information, acting as a runner and generally helping to ensure our jury members have a positive and productive experience at EIFF while fulfilling their duties.

These are demanding but extremely rewarding positions, and the ability to provide excellent customer service under pressure is very important as it is crucial that all members of the EIFF juries are well looked after throughout their visit. Knowledge of Edinburgh is desirable. An interest in film, excellent time-management and social skills are essential.

Our jury members have a very busy schedule. Volunteer duties will fluctuate depending upon where the Jury Coordinators need assistance. This might be when juries have busier times in their schedules or if members of the jury need to be in different places at the same time.

Ability to respond to changing circumstances in a proactive and positive manner is key to the smooth running of the jury schedules. The need for assistance will change from day to day and can sometimes be on a moment’s notice, although every effort will be made to give as much warning as possible. The juries’ daily schedule runs from 9/9.30am until late. You will be on a rota and asked to be on duty for at least 8 hours each day. Sometimes these hours will be spread across the day to ensure there is enough cover, so eagerness and willingness to work flexibly is vital. The juries will be finished by Thursday 25th June allowing you to relax and enjoy the last few days of the Festival.

Please see the EIFF Recruitment Policy in the introduction section for further information on EIFF Volunteers.


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