Alongside the public programme of films and events, the Festival’s Industry team manages a programme of events, screenings, networking opportunities for hundreds of film industry delegates who attend EIFF from all over the world. Delegates are provided with a number of services including a delegate centre, online accreditation, an online viewing facility and access to information on all Festival attenders and activity. Activity runs throughout the festival and events focus on all steps of the filmmaking journey.

As part of our Industry programme, EIFF also offers a series of talent development initiatives to support both project and career development for emerging filmmakers including the four day EIFF Talent Lab which will take place during the Festival.

** Please note this team also includes two internships and several volunteer opportunities. **

Industry Communications Coordinator (1 post)

1st May to 5th July. 1 full time post.

The Industry Communications Coordinator will develop and deliver communications for all Industry activities and programmes.

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Industry Coordinator (1 post)

5th June to 3rd July. 1 full-time post.

The Industry Coordinator supports the Senior Industry team Coordinators.

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Senior Industry Events Coordinator

10th April to 7th July. 1 full time post.

The Senior Industry Events Coordinator will work with the CMI’s Head of Industry & Talent Development to develop content for and coordinate EIFF's extensive industry-only programme

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Senior Registrations Coordinator (1 post)

24th April to 7th July. 1 full-time post.

Coordinating the registration process for over 1000 delegates and press who will visit or accredit for the Festival.

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Delegate Centre Manager (1 post)

5th June to 7th July. 1 full-time post

 EIFF runs an industry-only programme that consists of a variety of services and events which run throughout the festival. Most of these benefits are accessible through the official EIFF Delegate Centre.

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Press and Industry Screenings Team Coordinator (1 post)

14th June to 2nd July. 1 full-time post

 This position will coordinate the rotas and schedules of the P&I Screenings team volunteers who monitor access to these Press and Industry screenings.

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