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Bryan Larkin

Bryan began making short films while at drama school in Glasgow to further develop his skills on both sides of the camera. Finding passion in combining both crafts, he has emerged in very recent times with his production company, Dabhand Films, which was formed with fellow student Marc Twynholm to generate their own material as actors. Their surprise acceptance to the Sundance Film Festival with their first short film inspired two more, and in 2006 Bryan won the BAFTA Scotland Award for Best First Time Performance in a film, which he also wrote and produced.

Bryan has appeared in diverse film and television productions in Scotland, London and America, four of which will be released in 2009. These projects include: the lead in BBC sci-fi cop drama Townsville; feature film Miles Away, an 80’s road movie; The Red Machine, a period caper set in Washington, and
Dabhand’s very own powerful BAFTA Scotland winning debut feature film, Running in Traffic, which he wrote, stars in and co-produced. The film receives its World Premiere at this years’ EIFF. Today Bryan’s primary focus is creating and developing new material for international collaborations, meeting new
filmmakers with similar vision and as ever, learning new skills!

Running in Traffic (Actor/Writer)
Mon 22 June: 21:15 CINEWORLD
Fri 26 June: 21:00 CINEWORLD

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