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Yiorgos Moustakis

Born in Athens, he received basic education in Greece and in Russia. At the age of thirteen he got involved in photography and later on took part in several exhibitions with the Photography Circle of Athens University. Parallel tophotography he studied at a film school in Athens, from where he
graduated with his first film shot on S16mm, Halcyon Days, a short film drama. Few years later he shot The Corridor, a stylised, atmospheric thriller.

He studied on a postgraduate level at the International Film School Wales and graduated with the film Mari, a minimalistic, stylised, sci-fi drama. Yiorgos has worked in many film productions in various posts from pre-production to distribution, in short films, TV and feature films. Currently he is on an internship with a London based Film Production & World Sales company at their officein Prague.

Mari was awarded with Production and Post Production bursaries from Skillset, Production bursary from the Jack Cardiff Fund for Cinematography and won two awards at the 2008 Ffresh

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