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Miri Shapiro

In her work, Miri is motivated by personal stories in the shadows of events, individuals versus his/her society, religion or political reality. For her film 4kilometersshe was awarded a grant. In her previous short film Kallah (Bride) she captures the struggle of a young orthodox Jewish woman going through the religious rituals of becoming a “Kosher Jewish Bride”. The film has won the jury prize at the ‘Montecatini Film Festival’, ‘Bear in Gold’ in ‘Festival of Nations’, and was screened in dozens of festivals across
the world.

Among other areas she has focussed on in the past are comic drawing and film editing; she has worked as a production manager and assistant director in various fringe theatre productions and short films; and studied for a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Studies and Fine Arts specialising in film theory. After graduating from the LFS MA Programme, Miri recently moved back toIsrael to focus on her first feature film script.

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