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Paz Fabrega

Paz Fabrega was born in 1979 in San Jose, Costa Rica. She studied still photography, and journalism at the Universidad de Costa Rica. After university, she worked as a graphic designer before coming to the London Film School, fulfilling dreams of looking inside film cameras and of living far away
from home. She divided her time between camera work and directing, and still hasn’t decided which one she likes best.

She shot her graduation film, Temporal, in Costa Rica. She lives in San Jose, where she lit a pilot
for TV and a short film, had a few jobs as AD (and realized that’s one job she’d be happy never to do again), and wrote/directed/produced another short. Right now, she is in Amsterdam for a few months, developing a feature script at the Binger Film Institute. This project has also won an award to support its
development from Cinergia, the main film funding body in Central America. She hopes to shoot this film in Costa Rica, and, with a Costar Rican producer, is looking into the possibility of doing it as a European co production.

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