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Elise Valmorbida

Saxon producer Elise Valmorbida worked alongside director Greg Loftin, consulting on the script, casting, crew and design. She was closely involved with the creative processes of editing, music and post-production, and she continues to create all marketing/PR for the film. She raised pre-production and production funds, and worked with specialists to set up the EIS investment scheme, share structure and relevant contracts. Thanks to a strong partnership with line producer Sam Parsons, the Saxon shoot was completed within the constraints of a very tight budget.

Saxon is Elise’s first feature. She started her career with two first-class degrees: English (University of Melbourne) and Graphic Design (Central St Martin’s). She worked for many years as Creative
Director with leading international brands. In 1997, she left full-time corporate employment to launch her
novel Matilde Waltzing and to set up communications consultancy Word-Design ( While Saxon was in post-production, Elise wrote The Book of Happy Endings, a collection of true stories about finding love, published in February 2007 (UK). The book’s US release happens in August,
followed by Australia, Asia and Europe. Elise teaches Creative Writing at Central St Martin’s. She is a member of NPA and professional writers’ organisation 26.


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