EIFF & Empire Present...

EIFF and Empire are delighted to partner up for a series of amazing special events this year.

This year The Empire Podcast will record at EIFF with a live audience. 

The Hero Hangouts series will see a variety of legendary names from the world of film interviewed live on stage. Whether they are big names from in front of or behind the camera these sessions will give audiences a rare insight into the brains powering today’s movies. Hand-picked by EIFF and Empire these will be the creatives who shape what we see.

In addition, EIFF will be screening The Greatest Movie of All Time, as voted for by readers of Empire magazine.


The Empire Podcast

The Empire Podcast – Live in Edinburgh (EIFF)

120 min approx
Tuesday 24 June at 15:30
Lyceum Theatre
PRICE: £5.00

Every week, Empire's team of movie-mad experts assemble to bring listeners the hottest movie news, reviews, and star-studded interviews. This edition comes live from the Edinburgh International Film Festival.


EIFF & Empire Present: Hero Hangouts

Hero Hangout with Noel Clarke

90 min approx
Friday 20 June at 19:00
Lyceum Theatre
PRICE: £12.50 (£9.00 CONCS)

Since picking up a Laurence Olivier Award for Most Promising Newcomer in 2003, actor, writer, director and producer Noel Clarke has displayed an impressive and prolific output. Best known for Star Trek Into Darkness, Adulthood and Kidulthood, Noel became a household name playing Mickey Smith in Doctor Who. He comes to EIFF this year with two films; The Anomaly (actor, producer, director) and We Are Monster (producer).


Hero Hangout with Don Johnson

90 min approx
Saturday 21 June at 13:00
Lyceum Theatre
PRICE: £12.50 (£9.00 CONCS)

A household name on both sides of the Atlantic for playing Detective Crocket in smash-hit 80s television series Miami Vice, Don Johnson has enjoyed a prolific, award-winning career ever since. Currently experiencing something of a renaissance, Johnson has starred in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete, Tarantino’s Django Unchained and most recently From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. He joins us here in Edinburgh with Jim Mickle’s brilliant revenge thriller Cold in July, in which he steals the show as the dynamic, gun-toting pig farmer Jim Bob.


Hero Hangout with Elijah Wood

90 min approx
Wednesday 25 June at 20:30
Lyceum Theatre
PRICE: £12.50 (£9.00 CONCS)

An acclaimed child actor, Elijah Wood has spent more than 25 years in front of the camera. Widely revered for his highest-profile role, Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, he recently turned his attention to producing, whilst continuing a huge variety of screen roles. Here to support Andy Goddard's Set Fire to the Stars, we are delighted to welcome Elijah to Edinburgh.


Hero Hangout with Simon Helberg & Jocelyn Towne

90 min approx
Sunday 29 June at 13:00
Lyceum Theatre
PRICE: £12.50 (£9.00 CONCS)

The husband and wife team come to EIFF this year with their semi-autobiographical feature We'll Never Have Paris – this year's Closing Night Gala. Their hilarious romantic comedy, in which Simon also stars as the hapless Quinn, whose self-doubt jeopardises their relationship, is their debut feature as co-directors. This is your opportunity to join the audience as the two actors, producers, directors, discuss the making of the film, and; in their own words, “We hope the people of Scotland will find our pain and suffering as funny as we do.”


EIFF & Empire present the Greatest Movie of All Time

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

120 min approx
Wednesday 25 June – 17:45  –Filmhouse 1
£9.50 (£7.90 CONCS)

Where Star Wars had been an unabashedly exciting space adventure, Empire Strikes Back introduced complexity and uncertainty to the galaxy far, far away. The stakes are raised, the characters relationships tested and evolved in surprising ways, and a dash of pure black is mixed into those primary paint colours. As George Lucas himself describes it in our issue, "It's soulful, but in a different way from Episode IV. It's a little bit more adult. I'm more of a goofy director. Star Wars skews slightly younger than you'd expect; it was a film for 12-year-olds. Empire's like that but a bit of the goofiness has been shaved off it. [Director Irvin] Kershner was much more of a serious person. He loved the whole religious aspect of it, Luke learning the Force."
– EmpireOnline

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