Past Award Winners

Film Awards Over the Years

The Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film

2013 Leviathan (Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel)
2012 One Mile Away (Penny Woolcock)
2010 Skeletons (Nick Whitfield)
2009 Moon (Duncan Jones)
2008 Somers Town (Shane Meadows)
2007 Control (Anton Corbijn)
2006 Brothers of the Head (Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe)
2005 Tsotsi (Gavin Hood)
2004 My Summer of Love (Pawel Pawlikowski)
2003 Young Adam (David Mackenzie)
2002 Out of Control (Dominic Savage)
2001 Gas Attack (Kenny Glenaan)
2000 Last Resort (Pavel Pawlikowski)
1999 The War Zone (Tim Roth)
1998 Love Is the Devil (John Maybury)
1997 Under the Skin (Carine Adler)
1996 Jude (Michael Winterbottom)
1995 Small Faces (Gillies Mackinnon)
1994 Priest (Antonia Bird)
1993 Blue (Derek Jarman)
1992 You, Me and Marley (Richard Spence)
1991 The Grass Arena (Gillies Mackinnon)
1990 Silent Scream (David Hayman)

The Award for Best Performance in a British Feature Film

2013 Jamie Blackley and Toby Regbo (uwantme2killhim?)
2012 Andrea Riseborough and Bríd Brennan (Shadow Dancer)
2010 David Thewlis (Mr Nice)
2009 Katie Jarvis (Fish Tank)
2008 Robert Carlyle (Summer)
2007 Sam Riley (Control)

The Award for Best Film in the International Competition

2013  A World Not Ours (Mahdi Fleifel)
2012  Here, There (Mao Mao)
2010  The Dry Land (Ryan Piers Williams)
2009  Easier With Practice (Kyle Patrick Alvarez) 

The Student Critics Jury Award

2013  Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari (Alexey Fedorchenko)
2012  Sleepless Night (Jang Kun-jae)

The Audience Award

2013  Fire In The Night (Anthony Wonke)
2010  Get Low (Aaron Schneider)
2009  The Secret of Kells (Tom Moore)
2008  Man on Wire (James Marsh)
2007  We Are Together (Paul Taylor)
2006  Clerks II (Kevin Smith)
2005  Tsotsi (Gavin Hood)
2004  Inside I'm Dancing (Damien O'Donnell)
2003  Afterlife (Alison Peebles)  

The McLaren Award for New British Animation

2013  Marilyn Myller (Mikey Please)
2012  The Making of Longbird (Will Anderson)
2010  Stanley Pickle (Victoria Mather)
2009  Photograph of Jesus (Laurie Hill) 
2008  Space Travel According John (Jamie Stone and Anders Jedenfors)
2007  Over the Hill (Peter Baynton)
2006  Rabbit (Run Wrake)
2005  The True Story of Sawney Beane (Elizabeth Hobbs)
2004  Blur's Good Song (Shynola) and Brand Spanking (John-Paul Harney)
2003  Pullin' the Devil by the Tail (Stephen McCollum) 

The Award for Best Short Film, UK 

2012  The Making of Longbird (Will Anderson)
2010  Baby (Daniel Mulloy)
2009  After Tomorrow (Emma Sullivan)
2008  Son (Daniel Mulloy)
2007  The One and Only Herb McGwyer Plays Wallis Island (James Griffiths)
2006  The Other Man (Dictynna Hood)
2005  Hibernation (John Williams)
2004  Billy's Day Out (Iain B MacDonald) and Who Killed Brown Owl (Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor)
2003  Love Me or Leave Me Alone (Duane Hopkins)

The Award for Best Short Film, International

2013  GHL (Lotte Schreiber)
2012  Dinosaur Eggs in the Living Room (Rafael Urban)
2010  Rita (Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza)
2009  BLVD (Kazik Radwanski)

The Award for Creative Innovation in a Short Film

2013  Doll Parts (Muzi Quawson)

The Award for Outstanding Individual Contribution to a Short Film

2013 Josh Gibson – Director of Photography, Light Plate



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