Shorts: Secret Corners

  • 93 mins

Story of an Object (Història d'un Objecte); Milky (Lactée); A Mother's Love (Die Liebe der Mutter); Immortality, home and elsewhere; Vicious Circle (Dialelo); What We Did Before We Drank Cocoa Together (Co Sme Robili Predtym, Ako Sme Sli Spolu Na Kakao); Mamihlapinatapai

Story of an Object (Història d'un Objecte)
Carlota Castells Puig/UK/2014/11 min/World premiere
Two women versus one object. A slippery, angular, and absurd work interrogating the interlocking motifs of narrative ambiguity, fragmentary communication, and cryptic subtext.

Milky (Lactée)
Andrée-Anne Roussel/Canada/2014/15 min/European premiere
The oscillating power dynamics present within a volatile domestic tryst are further provoked when one of the women begins to spontaneously lactate.

A Mother's Love (Die Liebe der Mutter)
Julia Stiebert/Germany/2014/10 min/UK premiere
The tension existing between the post-modern social landscape of distance and constant transit is juxtaposed with the garish immediacy of an act of fabricated intimacy.

Immortality, home and elsewhere
Sasha Litvintseva/UK/2014/12 min/UK premiere
A masterful, origami-like unfolding of the mutating shape of self-identity emerging through dialogue with environment, mass cultural interventions, and awareness of our own mortality and vulnerability.

Vicious Circle (Dialelo)
Sonia Albert-Sobrino, Miriam Albert-Sobrino/Spain, USA/2015/6 min/World premiere
A fragmentary inquiry into freedom and control, landscape and tactility. The uncertain and constantly shifting environment of power and gender elements rendered through an ingenious aesthetic approach.

What We Did Before We Drank Cocoa Together (Co Sme Robili Predtym, Ako Sme Sli Spolu Na Kakao)
Aramisova/Czech Republic, Slovakia/2014/34 min/UK premiere
Spirited evocation of the joyful anarchic energy and reckless abandon expressed by three teenage girls as they agitate the boundaries set by both their parents and society.

Joanne Mony Park/USA/2014/10 min/European premiere
Joanne Mony Park eloquently speaks to the uncertainty and fragility of attraction and intimacy, deciphering these themes through a combination of movement, sound and subtext.

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