The McLaren Award: New British Animation 1

  • UK /
  • 72 mins

Who will win the prestigious 25th McLaren Award for Best British Animation?

2014 not only marks the centenary of legendary UK-born animator Norman McLaren, but the year in which EIFF recognises the 25th recipient of the McLaren Award for Best British Animation, the oldest established award of its kind. Since 1990, Britain's exceptional animators have competed for this coveted prize, whose winners have included Oscar winners and Peppa Pig creators. The 2014 selection continues this institution of bringing you the best UK-produced animation, with the winner of the award determined by your vote! [12A]

My Stuffed Granny
Effie Pappa/UK/2014/9 min
Little Sofia’s grumpy granny’s pension is the only thing keeping her and her father alive. To what extremes will they go to once granny is no more?

A Recipe For Gruel
Sharon Smith/UK/2013/11 min
Life, one meal at a time.

Two Films About Loneliness
Christopher Eales, Will Bishop-Stephens/UK/2014/5 min
Jonathan Smallman is recording his dating profile, and Philip Button is an Internet chef; what can stand in the way of their search for companionship and acceptance?

Avocado Bear
Thomas Fraser/UK/2014/7 min
After losing his precious stone, an Avocado Bear tries to fill the hollow left.

Bjorn-Erik Aschim/UK/2014/1 min
A film for everyone who has ever been on a shit night out.

Domestic Appliances
Lewis Bolton/UK/2014/3 min
Seemingly catastrophic situations occur inside mundane domestic appliances.

Goodness Newness Oldness Badness
Mikey Please/UK/2014/2 min
New stuff is good stuff and old stuff is bad stuff. But good stuff becomes bad stuff when new stuff becomes old stuff. We have confused our terms. Old and New are no longer descriptions of lineage but assertions of value.

Penismouse (Myszochujek)
Kristof Babaski/Poland, UK/2014/6 min
A playful film about control.

Monkey Love Experiments
Ainslie Henderson, Will Anderson/UK/2014/9 min
Inspired by love, a misguided monkey believes he is destined for the moon.

Port Nasty
Rob Zywietz/UK/2014/9 min
At the edge of the world, death lies in wait between every crack of ice and sheet of snow.

Mr Plastimime
Daniel Greaves/UK/2014/10 min
An unappreciated mime artist’s stage routine blurs into reality.

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