Sonic Spaces

  • USA, Austria, Belgium, Argentina, Germany, Switzerland /
  • 86 mins

Immersive acoustic environments poised between between ear and eye. 

A diverse collection of films that asks us to consider the role of sound in the making and interpretation of images. How do the sounds we hear affect the way we perceive, and vice-versa? Featuring films by Deborah Stratman, Paul Clipson, Siegfried Fruhauf, Billy Roisz and Peter Snowdon. Ease yourself into Black Box Live with these gradually intensifying soundscapes. [12A]

Jacumba Song
Baba Hillman/USA/2013/3 min
A playful and colourful exploration of landscape and performative languages, shot in the Anza Borrego desert on Kodachrome and Ektachrome Super 8mm film.

Creme 21
Eve Heller/Austria, USA/2013/10 min
This cut-up collage uses old educational and scientific films to create a tapestry of sound and image fragments exploring the perception of time.

We Are Going to Record
Peter Snowdon, Juan Javier Rivera Andía/Belgium/2013/11 min
A recording session of local songs and music in a remote part of Peru. Footage shot by an ethnographer is edited to draw out the hesitant spaces before and between.

Hacked Circuit
Deborah Stratman/USA/2014/15 min
A single Steadicam shot takes us through a foley studio during a re-recording of sound effects for Coppola’s The Conversation.

Billy Roisz/Austria/2014/13 min
Several interior spaces are illuminated and sculpted through light projections and sonic accumulations. Isolated details emerge from a sea of darkness.

Exterior Extended
Siegfried A Fruhauf/Austria/2013/9 min
Thirty-six individual photographic images of an abandoned house are layered on 35mm film. The rhythmic, minimalist soundtrack enhances the play of spatial perception.

With Pluses and Minuses
Mike Stoltz/USA/2013/5 min
Composed entirely of single-frames varying in length and focus, this study of a “privacy wall” is a psychedelic frenzy of shapes, light, movement, and sound.

Pablo Mazzolo/Argentina/2013/13 min
A film about the generative force of light as “photo-excitation”. Layers of sound and image intensify to create an exhilarating and embodied crescendo.

Void Redux
Paul Clipson/USA, Germany, Switzerland/2013/7 min
A nervous portrait of a Zagreb train station filmed from the tracks. The imminent impact leads to seeing stars. Super 8mm film with music by Barn Owl.

2014 Archive

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