Shorts from the Film Academies: Pieces of Me, a Bit of Us

  • UK, France /
  • 82 mins

Edinburgh University MSC Film, Exhibition and Curation students teamed up with EIFF Festival Director, Chris Fujiwara, to create short film programmes from the Creative Skillset Film Academies (Screen Academy Scotland [SAS], National Film & Television School [NFTS] and London Film School [LFS]). These programmes showcase new talent in creative storytelling on a journey of self-discovery, finding their style and cinematic voice.

Pieces of Me, a Bit of Us offers six works that gently explore the fragile sensation of the “I” through different stories and unique perspectives. [15]

The Bicknell (SAS - ECA)
Genevieve Bicknell/UK/2014/17 min
A self-reflexive documentary about the yearly family reunion of the Bicknell family.

0.25 (SAS - ECA)
Conxita Fornieles, Mario Cruzado/UK/2014/3 min
Patti has a very confusing life and things seem to be out of control. When she decides to use glasses, life appears to be clearer.

Cocoons (NFTS)
Joasia Goldyn/UK/2013/31 min
A drama with an edge of dark humour set in an off-kilter world where kids assume the role of grown-ups. At the centre of the story is Stella, an independent 12-year-old girl and her friend Fixer, a charming but awkward BMX rider. When Stella’s dog Frida is sold without her knowing, she accepts a bizarre job offer in a desperate attempt to buy Frida back.

Chasm (SAS - ECA)
Nelisa Alcalde, George Spyris/UK/2014/2 min
A lady in front of a mirror is covering her imperfections with make-up. Her vanity is our vanity when it comes to trying to control and subdue our cancerous nature.

Léthé (SAS - Napier)
Harald Hutter/UK, France/2014/12 min
Léthé is an invitation to go astray; an invitation to forget one’s self. Léthé proposes that we embark with Gabriel as he searches to forget his (our) past(s).

Thirteen Blue (Ble Dekatria) (LFS)
Jacqueline Lentzou/UK/2013/18 min
An impressionist portrait of Ellie, a lonely only child. This summer, instead of diving in the sea, she dives into her first existential worry. In the meantime, their family friend has left to give birth in the water. Ellie finds herself changing both internally and externally. Ellie will break free.



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