Light in Flux

  • Germany, Austria, UK, Argentina, Romania /
  • 68 mins

An alchemical showcase of works in which atmosphere and narrative are evoked through the ingenious and unexpected organisation of colour, light and shadow. Meandering through a multiplicity of invigorating approaches, visual and sonic, these six short films explore the very process of perceiving the world around us; engaging moving image to interrogate, re-imagine and present visually elements of everyday experience through a blaze of patterns, textures, details and dazzling perspectives, that are variously mesmerising, poetic and emotionally resonant. [15]

Three Stones for Jean Genet
Frieder Schlaich/Germany/2014/7 min
Two rolls of black and white 16mm film plus one Bolex camera capture the pilgrimage made by Patti Smith to offer three sacred stones upon the grave of Jean Genet in Larache, Morocco.

Flying (Fliegen)
Katharina Woll/Germany/2014/10 min
An exquisite evocation of the realms of imaginative possibility, unlocked within one small boy by the unexpected arrival of a circus in town.

Christiana Perschon/Austria/2014/30 min
The deterioration of nonagenarian artist Tatjana’s eyesight has provoked a complete reassessment of her creative approach, transforming her sense of perception and spatial awareness in an electrifying and strangely illuminating manner.

Demelza Kooij, Lars Koens/UK/2014/6 min
A lilting paean to the manifold strains of native grass that cultivate upon Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh. Frenetic movement and textures dominate the frame, and the synergy between sound, locomotion, and image creates a hypnotic sensory panorama.

Leandro Listorti/Argentina/2014/3 min
A riot of leaves and branches unfurling and agitating rhythmically embodies the enduring pulse of natural processes and forms an exploration of the tension and interplay between transience and permanence within nature.

Perennial Plants (Plante Perene)
Roxana Stroe/Romania/2013/12 min
A tale of bureaucratic interventions and idiosyncratic absurdities of almost Kafkaesque proportions. Brimming with wrong-footing narrative twists and chronological contortions, and observed with meticulous attention to the unlikely beauty within the symmetry, shape, and forms of everyday life.

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  • #1 Zoe Michell / Friday 27 June, 2014 / 14:37 GMT

    Highly recommend! Especially Noema and Graminoids but generally a selection of beautiful, considered pieces.

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