International Animation 1: Echoes of McLaren

  • USA, Canada, Netherlands, Denmark, France /
  • 76 mins

A selection of films which reflect Norman McLaren's life and practice.

In recognition of the indelible influence Scottish-born animator Norman McLaren has had on the world of film and animation during his centenary year, this collection of predominantly Canadian movies reflects facets of McLaren’s career and personal life – through his deep-rooted social conscience and pacifism, his skill as a teacher, his exploration of visual music, his use of film to embody a nation’s culture, his sexual identity, and his ceaseless quest to innovate and experiment with materials, movement and technology. [PG]

Confusion Through Sand
Danny Madden/USA/2013/12 min
A 19-year-old finds himself alone in a hostile desert, scared as hell and trained to react.

The Blue Marble (La bille bleue)
Co Hoedeman/Canada/2014/6 min
A young girl is kidnapped from her village and forced by insurgents to become a ruthless child soldier.

Tears of Inge
Alisi Telengut/Canada/2013/4 min
A profound human-animal and human-nature relationship is represented by a painted world filled with a camel's emotion and tears.

Improvisation No. 1: Cumulative Loops
Luigi Allemano/Canada/2013/3 min
Playing with the concomitance of image and sound, the work transposes the conditions of musical performance to the incremental process of animation, forming an idiosyncratic way of generating and experiencing rhythm, movement, duration, and time.

Foreign Bodies (Corps étrangers)
Nicolas Brault/Canada/2013/4 min
Using video light painting, the myth of the “transparent body” is revealed by modern medical imaging to give viewers the sense of strangeness their own bodies can sometimes inspire.

1000 Plateaus (2004-2014)
Steven Woloshen/Canada/2014/3 min
Made entirely in the front seat of a car with simple art tools, this hand-made film celebrates the joy of road maps, travel, and jazz.

Cruise Patrol
Bobby de Groot, Arjan van Meerten/Netherlands/2013/7 min
On a long and dusty road, a routine cruise patrol takes a strange turn and spirals totally out of control.

Hollow Land (Terre d'ecueil)
Michelle Kranot, Uri Kranot/Denmark, France, Canada/2013/14 min
Hollow Land captures the state of being displaced – whether by circumstance or by choice.

The Chaperone
Fraser Munden, Neil Rathbone/Canada/2014/12 min
One memorable night in the 1970s, a motorcycle gang crashed a Montreal middle-school dance; a retired schoolteacher and a DJ recall their heroic exploits that fateful evening.

Bruce Alcock/Canada/2013/10 min
The redemptive power of food, wine, music and love.

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