Film Is Chemistry

  • USA, Cuba, Canada, Netherlands, UK, France, Australia, South Korea, Germany /
  • 76 mins

The eleven films featured here all contain elements of transformation - material, perceptual and conceptual - that highlight film as a physical substance with multiple possibilities. Featuring works from the burgeoning international artist-run film lab scene: Cherry Kino (Leeds), WORM (Rotterdam), Space Cell (Seoul), Double Negative (Montreal), Nanolab (Victoria). [12A]

Two Points of Failure
Michael Moshe Dahan/USA/2013/13 min
An image of Jean-Luc Godard holding a new 35mm prototype camera is allowed to dissolve in a chemical solution of household bleach. A reflection on technology and obsolescence.

Terra Jean Long/Cuba, Canada/2014/4 min
Animated meditation on motion through stillness with breath. Shot in single frames on 16mm and hand painted.

Red Mill (Rode Molen)
Esther Urlus/Netherlands/2013/6 min
A dazzling study into printing techniques using double exposures with both additive and subtractive colour mixing. Inspired by Piet Mondrian’s series of windmill paintings.

Konrad & Kurfurst
Esther Urlus/Netherlands/2013/7 min
Using home-brewed film emulsion as the material support, Urlus evokes the story of Konrad and his horse Kurfurst during the 1939 Berlin Olympic Games.

Martha Jurksaitis/UK, France/2014/11 min
Images from various fairground scenes function as a metaphor for the filmmaker’s own attraction to analogue processes. Sound created from a leather skirt, 8mm, and 16mm projectors, and an old steel piano.

Seoul Electric
Richard Tuohy/Australia, France, South Korea/2012/7 min
The sprawl of electricity wires offers perfect material for a play of repetition and variation. Filmed in black and white and colourized during processing using coloured torch light.

De Luce 2: Architectura
Janis Crystal Lipzin/USA/2013/9 min
The second instalment in the artist’s exploration of light and photochemistry. Shot on Super 8mm film against 11 different architectural backdrops and then painstakingly processed.

Living Fossil
Sean Hanley/USA/2014/2 min
Springtime along the mid-Atlantic seaboard, thousands of horseshoe crabs spawn on beaches under the glow of the full moon. A brief glimpse into a 450-million-year-old ritual.

Lunar Almanac
Malena Szlam/Canada/2013/4 min
Moons in a journey through magnetic spheres, influencing subtle energies on Earth. A silent film with a hypnotic intensity.

Hold Me
Sook Hyun Kim, Hye Jeong Cho/South Korea/2013/8 min
In an empty warehouse the expressive movements of a dancer tell an emotional story. Attention shifts between the image and the filmstrip - from one physicality to another.

Picture Particles
Thorsten Fleisch/Germany/2014/5 min
A spectacular analogue-digital transformation that takes us from the minutely observed material properties of film to the crisp clarity of computer generated images.

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