Commodification - Appropriation

  • USA, Norway, Lithuania, Russia, Austria, Indonesia /
  • 72 mins

Ten short films combining political questioning with ironic humour.

The films in this programme subtly underline the way capitalism infiltrates and defines the environments we inhabit and the images we consume. From real estate to pornography, and from Coca-Cola to Miley Cyrus, the works showcased here present idiosyncratic critiques of commodity culture and social alienation. The images of capitalism are reclaimed and reworked to form alternative readings and understandings of contemporary consumer society. [15]

Jeanne Liotta/USA/2013/4 min
A filmic direct address prompted by a proximity to the American West, set within the implied and uncontainable expanse of a landscape bought, sold, and inhabited.

Songdo Prophecy
Emilija Skarnulyte/Norway, Lithuania/2014/11 min
A failed utopian project for a free-trade zone in Songdo, South Korea is narrated from the perspective of a blind man living in the city.

Dana Berman Duff/USA/2014/7 min
Still photographic portraits of various interior design products create a tension between object and image.

The Infinity Scroll Pt II
Jared Porter Hutchinson/USA/2014/3 min
Content from the web site Tumblr is transferred to 16mm film in an investigation of technology, archiving, and the consumption of images.

The Shadow of Your Smile
Alexei Dmitriev/Russia/2014/3 min
Vintage VHS images of pornographic movies are subtly obscured by traces of deterioration.

Kurdwin Ayub/Austria/2013/3 min
In a bedroom, a Miley Cyrus music video plays on a laptop while a young woman attempts to emulate her bodily gestures.

Death Songs & Car Bombs
Brendan & Jeremy Smyth/Indonesia/2013/6 min
Edited entirely in-camera, a journey through the streets of Bali shows the extent to which Western capitalism permeates Eastern culture.

Dietmar Brehm/Austria/2013/4 min
Brehm’s signature reworking of his own home movies orbit here around the mysterious image of a Coke bottle, the serene sounds of chirping birds ironically underlining capitalist dreams of fulfilment.

Under the Heat Lamp an Opening
Zachary Epcar/USA/2014/11 min
A collage of overheard conversations and minute gestures in a chic restaurant at lunchtime.

Encounters with Your Inner Trotsky Child
Jim Finn/USA/2013/21 min
This oddly convincing self-help video, taken from a series made in the early 1990s, shows the path to personal fulfilment through an escape from neo-liberal behaviour.

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