Bridging the Gap

  • UK /
  • 100 mins

Five new films from the Scottish Documentary Institute's unique talent programme This diverse collection of shorts pieces together stories from across our nation, exploring a breadth of Scottish life. Meet characters as varied as an inner-city 17-year-old political activist, and an 86-year-old female crofter in the remote outer edge. Consider the grandfather-grandson relationship through the filmmaking process, delve under the surface of a blind woman's life, and examine the legacy of colonialism through the aerial photography of Kenya. [15]

Directed by Tweedie
Duncan Cowles/UK/2014/16 min
At the age of 87, retired taxman and granddad “Tweedie” is encouraged to make a film with his filmmaker grandson. As Tweedie reluctantly takes up his new role as a filmmaker, we are invited to examine the difficulty of communication between the generations, whilst exploring the unspoken contract that binds children to their grandparents.

Igor Slepov/UK/2014/12 min
Liam McLaughlan is a 17-year-old schoolboy from Glasgow’s Easterhouse estate. He is a passionate voice within the Scottish Radical Independence Campaign determined to improve life for his community. Liam’s political engagement is deeply personal, but also provides a window into the intertwined nature of Scotland's Independence debate.

Rosie Reed Hillman/UK/2014/14 min
Morag is 86. She lives alone at the end of a track, looking out to sea on her croft on the Isle of Harris, with her three cats and 12 sheep. A portrait of Morag and her simple, peaceful life as she contemplates her next chapter, shares her unique sense of independence, and the connection she has to her wild island home.

Touch Life
Leo Bruges, Marcin Knyziak/UK/2014/13 min
Agata is living the life of the modern, independent, blind woman when she meets Matt. He is attentive and loving, and now he wants to introduce Agata to his family, three thousand miles away. As she packs for the trip, Agata ponders on what it means to be in a relationship. How can you be sure of your loved one when you’ve never even seen him?

Genevieve Bicknell/UK/2014/16 min
In the mid-20th century, Britain sent surveyors out to map the world. Using their aerial photographs and the Super 8mm film they took of their expeditions, we explore colonialism and its consequences, as they are being played out today in a hillside village in Kenya.

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