Black Box 4: Bodily Encounters

  • 82 mins

Performance, ritual and alienation: ten portraits of the cinematic body.

How can cinema describe and interpret our physical existence in and relationship with the outside world? How can the materials of both analogue and digital film translate tactile embodied experience? The films in this programme all place emphasis on the lived body in space, dealing in different ways with questions of touch, gesture, movement and performance, as well as the various ways in which the body is controlled by society, our environment, and, of course, death.

When Faces Touch (Quando i volti si toccano), Paolo Gioli/Italy, France/2012/7 min
Veteren bricoleur-inventor Gioli consistently explores the materials of analogue film. Here, the process of direct contact printing old photographs onto 16mm gives rise to a flurry of anonymous touching faces.

Aldona, Emilija Skarnulyte/Lithuania, Norway/2012/13 min (In Competition)
Aldona lost her sight in 1986, probably due to the Chernobyl disaster. We follow her on a daily walk through a sculpture park of Soviet-era statues.

Your Hands and My Teeth, Laura Bouza/USA/2013/6 min
Visual fragments informed by place, light, sound and time articulate a feminine film language, expressing history and desire through a tactile sense of vision.

Abdou's Dread in Teatro Argentino, Roma, Guillaume Cailleau/Germany/2013/3 min
Between two rehearsals of Peter Brook’s The Magic Flute, performer Abdou Ouologuem demonstrates how he deals with his dreads on stage.

Tokens and Penalties 1, Talena Sanders/USA/2012/4 min
A performance for camera and a meditation on ritualistic practices and ceremonies set against a barren yet expressive landscape of salt fields.

Trespass, Paul Wenninger/Austria/2012/11 min
Technically rigorous real-animation depicting a figure that traverses geographically disparate locations only to be constantly thrown back to the trap of domestic environment.

Uncertainty Principle, Kelly Sun Kim/USA/2012/17 min (In Competition)
Combining Super 8mm, 16mm, HD and mobile phone formats, this film captures random and choreographed moments in an attempt to create a space of dialogue between actions and representations.

Releasing Human Energies, Mark Toscano/USA/2012/6 min
Darkly humorous film about capitalism and control, using the old Kodak ‘China girl’ image overlaid with a text narrated by the film artist Morgan Fisher.

The HandEye (Bone Ghosts), Anja Dornieden, Juan David González Monroy/Germany/2012/7 min
A mechanical voice hypnotizes an unseen subject through a surreal combination of statements and commands set to an equally illogical series of images.

Speaking Corpse, Paul Clipson/USA/2012/8 min
Clipson’s Super-8 film poems celebrate the unique beauty of the small gauge format. Sound and image combine to create a hypnotic sensory experience.

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