Black Box 3: Matter and Metamorphosis

  • 82 mins

Experiments in matter and materials, nature and alchemy.

This contemplative programme of experimental works presents diverse approaches to the transformational potential of organic matter. Earth, sand, water, salt and snow offer up their formal complexities and perceptual conundrums, giving flight to the imagination and conjuring up uncanny mystical worlds. Ecological concerns combine with meditations on artistic materials, the sustainability of traditional practices and cultural artifacts, and the relationship between mind, matter and metamorphosis. Contains strobe effects.

Sou, Tatsuto Kimura/Japan/2012/10 min
Intricate study of rock formations and strata through a series of animated still images revealing the layers and textures of time.

Polytunnels, Nicky Hamlyn/Italy, UK/2012/23 min
Using his signature structural aesthetic, Hamlyn films a tobacco farm in central Italy faced with dramatic change when EU subsidies end this year.

Hold, Kim Anderson/Canada/2012/4 min
Animated film depicting the creative space between waking and dreaming – the alarm sounds, the body turns, the mind wanders...

Métamorphoses du papillon, Pere Ginard, Laura Ginès/Spain/2012/5 min
This handmade film explores the cycle of life through metamorphosis, both natural and chemical, evidenced in the visible breakdown of the celluloid material.

Crystal World, Pia Borg/UK/2013/12 min (In Competition)
Inspired by J.G. Ballard’s dystopian science fiction novel, crystal growth is woven into the iconic 1955 film Night of the Hunter.

21 Chitrakoot, Shambhavi Kaul/India/2012/9 min
Composed of 1980s chroma-key backdrops from a famous Indian television series, Kaul constructs a mysterious, barren and unsettling landscape emptied of its original narrative purpose.

Trembling Palace, Robert Todd/USA/2013/6 min
Facing East, hard light softening the shivering embers of a reluctant stillness.

HedonHeathen2, Lana Z Caplan/USA/2013/2 min
Into the pink crystals from the snow swept landscape, a journey from the hibernation of winter to a thawing arctic.

Salt Lines, Cade Bursell/USA/2012/5 min
A salt line cycle, hand salted and painted 35mm film leader meant to bring to mind the process of salt extraction and the hard repetitive labor of those who bring us this commodity.

The Sight, Jeremy Moss/Canada, USA/2012/4 min
A song of creation: immaterial spawns volatile matter; obfuscated landscape emerges from splintering celluloid. Hand-processed at Phil Hoffman’s Film Farm in Ontario, Canada.

2013 Archive

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