Black Box 2: Patterns and Repetitions

  • 83 mins

Quirky, cyclical and always unpredictable.

This programme represents a broad approach to the aesthetics of repetition, re-presentation, sequentiality, and the relationship between stillness and motion. Questions of reproduction, remaking, and creative image recycling are at the forefront of many of these films, where various technological interventions turn existing images – photographs, found footage – into meditations on form and structure. Many of the films also demonstrate, either implicitly or explicitly, an interest in analogue technology – one of the enduring concerns of the Black Box programme as a whole. Contains strobe effects.

Déjà-vu, Jean-Guillaume Bastien/Canada/2012/4 min
Five women carry out repetitive actions that give rise to a sense of déjà-vu, punctuated by an unexpected story performed in simplistic choreographed actions.

Persian Pickles, Jodie Mack/USA/2012/3 min
Reminiscent of the psychedelic abstract films of the 1960s, Mack’s handmade 16mm films celebrate the joyful pleasures of patterns. Here, bright paisley takes the stage.

Funny Games Ghost, Karin Hammer, Stefan Hafner/Austria/2012/10 min
Scenes from the original Michael Haneke film are overlaid with corresponding scenes in the American version. A compelling study in the aesthetics of the remake.

Remanence I - (Lost, Lost, Lost, Lost), Joshua Bonnetta/USA/2012/2 min
Electronic signals from a demagnetised library tape of Jonas Mekas’ Lost Lost Lost demonstrate new creative potential for deteriorating old media.

Hate, Sami van Ingen/Finland/2012/12 min (In Competition)
Stereographic images are created from two separate, but simultaneously captured images in the 1959 version of the Finnish national epic Kalevela.

Polaroid versus Roman Photo, Yves-Marie Mahé/France/2012/3 min
A photograph of Charlélie Couture and his musicians becomes an exercise in animating still images through the medium of film.

Hay Algo Y Se Va. (There is something. Now it's gone.), Kimberly Forero-Arnias/USA/2013/3 min
Family footage is gathered and sifted to create a perpetual sea of bodies, gestures and gazes that collide to create a familiar yet estranging reunion.

I Was Here, Philippe Léonard/Canada, Italy/2012/6 min
A fixed view of the Pantheon in Rome is animated by the ghostly flux of tourists and passers-by filmed in long exposure times.

Point de Gaze, Jodie Mack/USA/2012/5 min
Another richly textured 16mm work by Mack. ‘Named after a type of Belgian lace, this spectral study investigates intricate illusion and optical arrest.’

Ritournelle, Christopher Becks, Peter Miller/Germany/2012/4 min (In Competition)
A sound-image collaboration between two artists across different cities. Light reflections are registered onto a roll of film with a prestruck soundtrack, creating surprising rhythmic harmonies.

2012, Makino Takashi/Japan/2012/30 min
Makino Takashi returns to EIFF with another perceptual treat – moving from abstraction to figuration, and from analogue to digital, 2012 tells the story of a year that developed subconsciously.

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