Black Box 1: In(-)action

  • 78 mins

A series of actions and reactions with no conclusions.

This compilation of short experimental films presents an unusual fusion of fiction, documentary, animation and cine-poetry, exploring the tension between action and inaction, movement and stasis. Shifting between very different subject matter and aesthetic approaches, the works here find a common voice through their concentration on the ‘event’ in all its complexities and paradoxes. These films describe moments of spatial and temporal unease – an uncertain movement towards something somehow always out of reach.

7246 120' WE, John Woods/Canada/2012/2 min
A mysterious abandoned roll of unexposed 16mm film is taken on a bike ride through the streets of East Vancouver.

Doll Parts
, Muzi Quawson/USA/2013/10 min (In Competition)
Minimalist and contemplative road movie featuring two young women on the margins of society. A drama of identity played out through landscape and gesture.

Felinheli; Hefin and Als, Chris Daykin/Sri Lanka/2013/10 min (In Competition)
Animated drama of actions, reactions and interactions, expressing the poetry of life’s banal comings and goings through everyday spaces.

The Room Called Heaven, Laida Lertxundi/Spain, USA/2012/11 min
Lertxundi's characteristically oneiric choreography of human actions and gestures plays out against a backdrop of American plains and high altitudes.

Niagara's Fury, Benjamin R Taylor/Canada/2013/27 min
Through a series of intricately composed tableaux, this innovative documentary explores the eerily empty spaces of tourism and consumption surrounding the famous Niagara Falls.

We Will Be Young (Nous Serons Jeunes), Charlie Marois/Canada/2012/13 min
Contemplation of the life of a man living in the woods. Re-photographed Super 8 film describes both the subject and the material with intimate precision.

No Place to Rest, SJ Ramir/Australia/2013/6 min
Employing a painterly approach to the digital image, Ramir creates a textured melancholic dreamscape in which a solitary figures wanders through a seemingly suspended time.

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  • #1 Chris Daykin / Wednesday 29 May, 2013 / 14:33 GMT

    I ask the question. Why is there no information in the brochure or here, about the films in the ‘Black box’, or the people that made them?
  • #2 Chris Daykin / Friday 7 June, 2013 / 11:17 GMT

    Thank you. That's just what i was thinking

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