Youth Shorts

  • 85 mins

Crime and punishment and the allure of the sea are the themes of this packed programme of brilliant short films. Mixing animation, live action and documentary these are vibrant, thought-provoking and fun films. From altar boys, rappers and wrestling fans trying to do the right thing to the impact of different forms of prison – whether political, social or animated. All this and New Yorkers celebrate surf culture and their latest surfing poster boy. Enjoy!


Eli the Invincible - UK Premiere
Miranda Nation/Australia/2011/English dialogue/Colour/14 min
Caught between a bullying older brother and a mother who never listens, lonely young Eli’s only passion is wrestling. Despite their different backgrounds it is this shared passion that binds his friendship with a new boy in the neighbourhood.

From Dad to Son - UK Premiere
Nils Knoblich/Germany/2011/No dialogue/BW/5 min 16 sec
With Son in prison, Dad struggles to look after the farm by himself until Son sends help by inadvertent means. Crisp black and white animation is perfect for this deceptively simple tale.

George Jones and the Giant Squid - European Premiere
Vincenzo Perrella, Dan Osborn/Australia/2011/English dialogue/Colour/14 min 15 sec
Convincingly creating a community who know nothing but their island and the monster squid that prevents them from leaving, this is bold, inventive filmmaking. 
Nominated for The Award for Best Film in the International Short Film Competition.

Green - World Premiere
Chris Fallen/UK/2012/English dialogue/Colour&BW/15 min 20 sec
Two enterprising alter boys try to re-invest the church collection, but nothing seems to go to plan, with comedic results. They are forced to examine their choices and their friendship.

House - UK Premiere
Ahmad Saleh/Jordan, Germany/2011/English dialogue/Colour/3 min 52 sec
The beauty of animation is often that through it filmmakers are able to convey very complex subjects through simple analogy; in this case the situation of the Palestinian people.

Pen Pal - World Premiere
Brooke Goldfinch/Australia, USA/2011/English dialogue/Colour/6 min 11 sec
A lonely young teenager is convinced she has found the perfect pen pal to share her secrets about being an only child, unreliable friends and underage sex.

Stacked - European Premiere
Patrick Cummings, EJ McLeavey-Fisher/USA/2011/English dialogue/Colour/15 min 4 sec
An exuberant documentary that champions the unheralded New York surf scene and its new poster boy, 20-year-old Balaram Stack.

Young Money - World Premiere
Kyle Soehngen/USA/2011/English dialogue/Colour/11 min 17 sec
When wannabe rapper Raymond can’t persuade his mother to pay his entry fee to a talent competition, he adopts a very gangsta response. His posturing and choices will have devastating repercussions for his family.


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