Short Films 5: Capturing Perception

  • 91 mins

A heady mix of self- made myth, memory and imagination. Winding its way through the stories of five very distinct characters, this programme attempts to examine the spectacle that is the protagonist’s subjective understanding of their environment, experience and existence. A voyage into emotional landscapes cerebral and vibrant by turn, and a veritable powderkeg of action populated by an iconoclastic cast of drag queens, junior taxidermists and codeine-sipping creatures.


Brainy - UK Premiere
Daniel Joseph Borgman/Denmark, New Zealand/2011/Danish dialogue with English subtitles/Colour/25 min
Brian undertakes a complex mission to send a selection of preserved animal specimens into space. His belief is that these sacrificial offerings will ensure the heavenly descent to Earth of his beloved grandfather.
Nominated for The Award for Best Film in the International Short Film Competition.

The Chair - UK Premiere
Grainger David/USA/2012/English dialogue/Colour/12 min 19 sec
A small American community witnesses the mysterious spread of a deadly mould. Our teenage protagonist's mother is the first to perish, and his narration guides us through the town’s irascible sense of foreboding and trepidation.
Nominated for The Award for Best Film in the International Short Film Competition.

Happy Birthday - UK Premiere
Kathrin Frey/Switzerland/2011/English dialogue/BW/4 min 21 sec
A pensive, late night stroll unveils an unexpected trash-heap find. Adapted from a comic by graphic artist Seth, this short delivers a pervasive dose of the artist’s trademark absurd and melancholy stylistic traits.

Paul - UK Premiere
Adam Bizanski/Israel/2011/Hebrew dialogue with English subtitles/Colour/26 min 40 sec
Paul is a strange, sorrowful creature with a painful past that he attempts to suppress through copious consumption of whiskey and codeine-laced cough medicine. We take a trip through the grimy underworld of the sprawling metropolis in pursuit of the mafia gang that has stolen his treasured goldfish.
Nominated for The Award for Best Film in the International Short Film Competition.

Queen - UK Premiere
Adam Rose/USA/2011/English dialogue/Colour/23 min
Cabaret singing drag-queen Nikki Holiday is in command of silky-smooth vocal chords and a razor-sharp tongue. Unfortunately, neither skill helps much in her attempts to adopt a child. But the appearance of hunky wannabe actor Jesse seems to proffer a kernel of hope.


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