Short Films 2: Dream Machine

  • 85 mins

An alchemical selection boasting superstitious, absurd and folkloric elements. These films are united in a shared engagement with a process of creative salvage and the incantation of magical elements. Drawing upon vintage film formats, found film and a keen aesthetic imagination, they boast dark tales of sacrificial offerings, alchemists, mystical Scottish folklore and a stunning twist upon the classic vampire archetype.


25km² - UK Premiere
Jana Minarikova/Slovakia/2011/Slovak dialogue with English subtitles/BW/12 min 21 sec
A glimpse into the curious ways of Martin, an individual immersed in the development of an alchemical process that harnesses the power of lightning in order to concoct magnificent jewels.
Nominated for The Award for Best Film in the International Short Film Competition.

Death in a Nut - World Premiere
Tom Chick/UK/2012/English dialogue/Colour/15 min 59 sec
When death tries to steal away Jack’s mother, the opposing parties engage in a tussle that will see the antagonistic force contained in the shell of a nut and cast into the ocean.
Nominated for The Award for Best Film in the British Short Film Competition.

God's Got His Head in the Clouds - World Premiere
Gianluca Sodaro/Italy, Lithuania/2012/Italian dialogue with English subtitles/BW/14 min 24 sec
A small girl enters a church and alerts the flabbergasted cleric of her intent to take God to task on account of his inherently dishonest behaviour.
Nominated for The Award for Best Film in the International Short Film Competition.

The Metamorphosis - European Premiere
Yun Ki-nam/South Korea/2012/Korean dialogue with English subtitles/BW/15 min
An exuberant celebration of the mythology surrounding the Nosferatu tale. The key themes of darkness versus light, shadow and perception are deftly reflected in the aesthetic qualities inherent to the 8mm and 16mm stock upon which the film is captured.
Nominated for The Award for Best Film in the International Short Film Competition.

Meteor - UK Premiere
Christoph Girardet, Matthias Müller/Germany/2011/English dialogue/Colour&BW/15 min
A patchwork assembly of vintage film snippets commingle in order to evocatively map the imaginative reach of a small boy adrift in a universe of his own creation.

The Ollaparo (O Olláparo) - UK Premiere
Sonia Albert Sobrino, Miriam Albert Sobrino/Spain, USA/2011/Gallego dialogue with English subtitles/Colour&BW/11 min 56 sec
A Galician elder and his mute son attempt to disrupt the malevolent will of the one-eyed Ollaparo beast through the invocation of age-old rituals and sacrifices.


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