Black Box Shorts 3: Passing Through

  • 75 mins

Evocative journeys through mountain pathways and city streets. Six films from Canada, Austria, the Netherlands, and the USA that offer very different perspectives on bodily trajectories through new and uncertain territories. Aimlessly wandering, tentatively negotiating, confidently conquering and directly intervening, these intensely personal films are brought together through a curiosity for the outside world. Seen through the eyes of Marc Pelletier, Yang Hey Yeun, Albert Sackl, Fern Silva, Robert Todd and Anna Abrahams.


7 Peaks - UK Premiere
Anna Abrahams/Netherlands/2012/English dialogue/Colour&BW/23 min
"Would it be possible to survey our complex existence on the top of a mountain? This timeless journey over the summits of Europe is the final part of a trilogy about the cultural meaning of landscape" (Anna Abrahams).

In the Open (Im Freien) - UK Premiere
Albert Sackl/Austria/2011/No dialogue/Colour/23 min
Formally rigorous in its approach, Sackl’s film uses time-lapse photography to condense three months into 23 minutes by capturing one second of footage every three minutes in a continuous time period. 

(k)now (t)here - UK Premiere
Hey-Yeun Jang/USA/2011/No dialogue/Colour/9 min
An experimental film diary where a series of journeys collapse into a fragmented experience of constantly changing spaces and perpetual movement.
Nominated for The Award for Best Film in the International Short Film Competition. 

Passage upon the Plume - European Premiere
Fern Silva/Egypt, Turkey/2011/No dialogue/BW/6 min 45 sec
A work of sublime and ethereal beauty that brings the textures of the landscape together with the materiality of film. Hot air balloons float weightless through a surreal landscape where time stands still and silence prevails.
Nominated for The Award for Best Film in the International Short Film Competition.

Pilgrimage (Pèlerinage) - UK Premiere
Marc Pelletier/Canada/2011/French dialogue with no subtitles/Colour/9 min 10 sec
A simple walk in the park can become a spiritual experience, a moment of discovery, a pilgrimage. The Parc Lafontaine in Montreal seen through the eyes of a nighttime wanderer is turned a mysterious space of contemplation and self-discovery.
Nominated for The Award for Best Film in the International Short Film Competition.

Super-8 UK - World Premiere
Robert Todd/UK, USA/2011/No dialogue/Colour&BW/4 min
Super-8 footage shot during a journey to the UK in the summer of 2011. Fleeting images edited in-camera from London, Cambridge, and, of course, Edinburgh.


2012 Archive

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