Night Moves / International premiere

Two Eyes Staring (Zwart Water)

  • Elbert van Strien /
  • Netherlands /
  • 2010 /
  • 112 mins

Barry Atsma, Hadewych Minis, Isabelle Stokkel, Charlotte Arnoldy, Bart Slegers / Fiction / Dutch

Holland’s scariest movie since The Vanishing.

The dark wave of ‘J-horror’ that started with The Ring and The Grudge quickly changed the face of Stateside chillers, and now European directors are discovering the power of clammy, damp nastiness. A grippingly confident psychological thriller about a young family who move to an old mansion in the Belgian countryside – where 9-year-old Lisa befriends a little girl who ‘lives’ in the basement – this outstanding Dutch example has already attracted remake queries from Hollywood. Real leave-a-light-on stuff.

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  • #1 Tom van de Bospoort / Friday 18 June, 2010 / 01:04 GMT

    A mixture of del Toro like film material, not very original when i saw
    this one at the international premiere at the Edinburgh International
    film festival 2010.

    A film worth seeing but nothing new if you are accustomed to films like
    the Devils backbone and the orphanage, (but not as good as either) Not
    bad from a country not known for horror/thriller films.

    There's even talk of a Hollywood remake with an 'A' list star. The
    director wouldn't say who but that wont be as good as this original as
    with most Hollywood remakes it will be over the top and most likely
  • #2 Kevin Matthews / Saturday 19 June, 2010 / 13:35 GMT
  • #3 dheeraj chunchu / Tuesday 22 June, 2010 / 14:41 GMT

    really exited.................
  • #4 Norm Richardson / Thursday 24 June, 2010 / 09:56 GMT

    Average in every respect, except there wasn't even an average amount of scares. Completely in debt to many other, better, films, this has nothing to recommend it at all. Sorely disappointed that this was included in the EIFF programme. If it's a late night scare film, it needs to be on late at night, and... well, you get the idea.

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