Night Moves / UK premiere


  • Colm McCarthy /
  • UK, Ireland /
  • 2009 /
  • 92 mins

Ian Whyte, Nial Bruton, Hanna Stanbridge, Kate Dickie, James Nesbitt / Fiction / English

“Honest and true … peculiar and disturbing. An excellent film. See it at all costs.” – Harry Knowles,

Director: Colm McCarthy
Producers: Brendan McCarthy, John McDonnell, Eddie Dick
Exec Producers: Phil Hunt, Compton Ross, Carole Sheridan
Scriptwriters: Colm McCarthy, Tom K McCarthy
Editor: Helen Chapman
DoP: Darran Tiernan
Production Designer: Tom Sayer
Music: Giles Packham

Cast: Ian Whyte, Nial Bruton, Hanna Stanbridge, Kate Dickie, James Nesbitt

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  • #1 Jamie Auld Smith / Tuesday 1 June, 2010 / 15:48 GMT

    can't wait!
  • #2 Kevin Matthews / Saturday 19 June, 2010 / 13:29 GMT
  • #3 Leona Campbell / Sunday 20 June, 2010 / 01:55 GMT

    I was very excited about seeing Outcast tonight and didn't come away disappointed. It's really one of the strangest plots I've seen for a while but because of all it's unique quirks and oddities it really grabs you and pulls you in to the point where you are fully invested in seeing what happens.....

    There's some major acting chops at play and some really promising new talent on display as well. It is also brilliant to see a horror movie like this played out in Edinburgh.

    Although there are a number of stories all competeing with each other I didn't think this hurt the movie at all, if anything it helped it as had we spent to much time on the horror, the witchcraft or the romance we would have let common sense creep in and rip holes through the plot, luckily the film pulls you in far enough that your invested in the movie but not too far that you start to question what's happening.

    I think it's a film that has to go on the worth to watch list and has jumped to the top of my picks of the fest so far. I just hope when it gets brought out for the non festival crowd it gets the success it deserves.
  • #4 Tom van de Bospoort / Thursday 24 June, 2010 / 00:29 GMT

    It was like a bad episode of Dr who, which was a shame as the visual cinematography was really good on the rain scene and the bits with pigeons flying round. Then came the rubbish story.
    I wouldn't recomend seeing this film due to it being such a disapointment.
    a clear 2 out of 10.

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