Under the Radar / World premiere

A Spanking in Paradise

  • Wayne Thallon /
  • UK /
  • 2010 /
  • 94 mins

Andrew Hawley, Simon Weir, Leo Horsfield, Danielle Stewart, Robert Harrison, John Gaffney / Fiction / English

A young man gets a holiday job in Edinburgh ... running his uncle’s brothel.

The best jokes are the ones you shouldn’t tell, and this film dares to tell them. Brandishing a raw authenticity and lending a razor sharp edge to both its hard drama and bursts of jet black humour, this raucous insight into the capital city’s underworld is a dirty, dangerous, and often downright hilarious walk on the wild side.

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  • #1 Nicola Madden / Friday 18 June, 2010 / 13:28 GMT

    Anyone got spare tickets?
  • #2 Jay Tee / Tuesday 22 June, 2010 / 23:14 GMT

    Don't bother
  • #3 Bert Shaw / Wednesday 23 June, 2010 / 12:33 GMT

    I wouldn't try either - they already sold out for Sunday. I saw it yesterday morning and I haven't laughed this much in a long time.
  • #4 Tom Terry / Wednesday 23 June, 2010 / 12:40 GMT

    Amazing laugh!!
  • #5 Sarah Bell / Friday 25 June, 2010 / 16:36 GMT

    I don't know what film these people were at, but i was sat in amongst a full house of people who were all bent double laughing!! I suggest that they all know each other and are set on trying to cause trouble for personal reasons - what ever they might be.
    I did know one person in the film, but her was crew member, and i only realized when the titles rolled. Well done to the Spanking team, and don't listen to the venom!
  • #6 Andrew Price / Friday 25 June, 2010 / 16:42 GMT

    Great night last night, still laughing at the curry stuff...
  • #7 Bill Farmer / Friday 25 June, 2010 / 19:23 GMT

    me and a mate went along because of the title, thought it was a really fun film.
  • #8 Stephen Souter / Friday 25 June, 2010 / 22:39 GMT

    Interesting mix of reviews here. The only people I saw doubled with laughter were in the cast and crew section at the front.
  • #9 lizzy blair / Saturday 26 June, 2010 / 11:22 GMT

    Agree with Sarah Bell above. Great energy about the film and i have never heard so much laughter in the cinema at the gym scene. Brilliant!!
  • #10 tim t / Sunday 27 June, 2010 / 23:10 GMT

    A cool story well told. Cinema was a bit too hot, so i'm happy it was only 90 odd minutes long. Writing was quick and sharp, and the script was definately something diffirent, very funny indeed. The lead actors i thought were great, esepcially the Rab character who can certainly act. I was with a group of folk and we all loved it. I can see how it might not be everyone's cup of tea... i mean, i'm sure Sex and the City is wonderfully crafted, and well acted, but as a mid 30s male, i'm never going to like it! That's what makes film amazing i think. Really a big well done to all. Nothing's easy in this life and you've certainly got guts.
  • #11 Mike Jackson / Tuesday 29 June, 2010 / 13:16 GMT

    You could do a lot worse than spend an hour and a half in the company of this motley crew. Granted it's not the broad slapstick of Superbad or Knocked Up but it has a reality those movies don't - the "Orca" tale is ace. The feel was reminiscent of "Orphans". And what a change for an Edinburgh-set film to be actually filmed in Edinburgh :-) Ignore the "only cast and crew laughed" snipes - I was neither.

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