Rosebud / World premiere


  • Caroline Paterson, Stuart Davids /
  • UK /
  • 2009 /
  • 110 mins

Neil Leiper, Emma Hartley Miller, Kate Dickie, Paul Thomas Hickey, David Hayman, Gary Lewis, Alan Tripney / Fiction / English

Scotland's underbelly laid bare in an uncompromising film from Glasgow's celebrated Raindog Theatre Company.

Kids adrift on the street are common fodder for the movies, with drug use and prostitution serving as easy signifiers of moral decrepitude. But there's no romanticisation or easy moral judgements at play in this heartrending account of the trials endured by two addicted runaways in contemporary Scotland. Harrowing to watch, yet warmed by a genuine investment in its characters, Wasted is a compassionate, pertinent and fiercely believable vision.

2009 Archive

Image from Wasted

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  • #1 David Reid / Saturday 20 June, 2009 / 16:08 GMT

    I felt so sorry for the production team, crew and cast last night when the tape broke or whatever happened. In hindsight I feel bad about walking out , but it gave me the chance to see another film - and fortunately it was the excellent "Exam". Had someone unidentified not popped out of nowhere saying that the film would be restarting from the top, after having seen a perfectly good initial half hour , I would have stayed. Who was this person and were they qualified to say what they did, as I understand the film restarted from where the problem was? Which seems sensible , but not what was offered up to the audience initially.
  • #2 Grant McFadden / Sunday 21 June, 2009 / 11:08 GMT

    I saw this film last night. I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. I can't say that I "enjoyed" it, because that would be the wrong word. But I thought it was unforgettable, stunning performaces across the board, I had tears in my eyes several times and laughed out loud too. Coming through on the train this morning I saw people at the station who could have been the characters in the film, and I wondered why I had never really noticed them before, obviously I wasn't looking. This has been the find of the festival for me so far, if it was on again, I'd go back to see it. I was dragged along kicking and screaming to watch it because I wasn't in the mood, but now I'm so glad I was. Congratulations to all concerned, it's a Scottish film, but unfortunately the story is universal.
  • #3 Morgan Petrie / Monday 22 June, 2009 / 02:27 GMT

    great rendition of a long running piece of work. Caroline and Stuart have made a film that spares no-one but brilliantly captures the essence of transendence in a tortured world.
  • #4 C Miller / Monday 22 June, 2009 / 20:14 GMT

    Awesome film. Doubt I'll ever forget it. Makes Trainspotting look like a Christmas Panto. Dark, depressing, funny, tragic. Considering how the film was written, funded and casted, the feeling you retain walking out of the cinema (and for days afterwards) seems even more remarkable. 'Grats to all involved.
  • #5 Clare Castle / Wednesday 24 June, 2009 / 16:54 GMT

    Hi, just to answer the question raised by David Reid, I was also at that screening when they had some sort of techincal problems. They did re-start the film again from the beginning but it didn't seem to me that we had missed anything from when the sound problems started anyway. I would have prefered them to start it from where it was stopped as obviously we had to watch the same parts twice. Thought it was a good film but maybe a bit too long.
  • #6 Mairi Fraser / Friday 26 June, 2009 / 22:31 GMT

    Like other folk here, I was at the premiere screening too & am very glad I waited for the second print to arrive after the sound cut out on the first attempt. I hope Caroline Paterson recovered from what must have been a painfully stressful situation after all the trouble getting the film made and shown - she seemed quite upset, unsurprisingly! This film is great, though as mentioned before, it's not exactly a film to be enjoyed. It's a moving, tragic and touching story, well told without spelling everything out or being overly dramatised, and with some really strong central performances that felt real. In fact, that's the biggest compliment I can pay to this film - these people, and their situation, feel real; they are real. Worth seeing, and well done to the filmmakers for persevering!
  • #7 Karen Lonie / Wednesday 15 July, 2009 / 06:18 GMT

    This film was not my cup of tea at all...I only went to see it because there was nothing else on...UNTIL I WATCHED IT!! Weeks later,I can't get it out of my head which is why I feel the need to write weeks later.What a towering acheivement by all involved on what apparently was a small budget and,like the writer above,haven't been able to look through certain people since.I can only assume the awards panel left after half an hour like the first writer here.Worry Ye Not though.A film this moving and multi-faceted WILL get to be seen by a huge audience.Exhibitors are not noted for their stupidity.
  • #8 Nicole Whyte / Sunday 24 October, 2010 / 01:18 GMT

    I'm really sad I never gotto go to the film festival to see the films. I saw this on BBC 2, it didn't sound like my type of film and it was very long, BUT I LOVED IT! It was amazing and didn't exaggerate the sadness and desperation in the plot. The ending had me near tears, it was such a beautiful and yet very sad ending. The film has opened my mind to the fact that we forget those who literally have nothing and walk past them in the street as if they were nothing more than a peice of litter on the street.
  • #9 morag young / Sunday 24 October, 2010 / 19:02 GMT

    I watched this on BBC2 but missed the start, I will watch again on BBC iPlayer. As difficult as it was to watch I could not switch it off. Amazing young cast! The ending was unclear to me, if anyone could enlighten me!

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