Mexican Shorts

  • 90 mins

Diverse and dazzling visions from a vibrant film culture.

Wildly differing in their style and subject matter, but united by a high level of originality and creative confidence, this set of shorts provides a snapshot of emerging talent from one of the world’s coolest cinema scenes. From the raw documentarystyle cinema verité of Interview with the Earth, to the uproarious comedy of In the Light of Darkness and the elegant emotional drama of Roma, this is a journey of hectic twists and turns.

Screening with:


  • Julián de Tavira /
  • Mexico /
  • 2008 /
  • 19 mins

A wildy energetic, tense and unpredictable short drama, loosely based on Harold Pinter's 1982 play Victoria Station. An increasingly exasperated taxi dispatcher tries to rein in a driver whose movements seem more than erratic ... but as the conversation builds, complex emotional reasons for his behaviour emerge, and a crisis looms.

Director: Julián de Tavira
Producers: Andrea Gamboa, José María de Tavira
Scriptwriters: José María de Tavira, Julián de Tavira,
Editor: Gabriel Diazmercado
DoP: Marc Bellver
Production Designer: Bee
Sound Production: Federico Schmucler
Music: Gabriel Diazmercado

Entrevista con la Tierra

  • Nicolás Pereda /
  • Mexico, Canada /
  • 2008 /
  • 18 mins

Young brothers Nico and Amelio live in a small rural town. Having already endured the departure of their father, they have now weathered another crisis. Sensitive in its approach and experimental in its form, this is a heartfelt and wholly original study of how children deal with grief

Director: Nicolás Pereda
Producers: Nicolás Pereda, Sebastián Hiriart
Scriptwriter: Nicolás Pereda
Editor: Nicolás Pereda
DoP: Sebastián Hiriart
Sound Production: Nicolás Pereda
Music: Marcela Rodríguez


  • Karla Castañeda /
  • Mexico /
  • 2008 /
  • 9 mins

This highly accomplished stop-motion animation sees the titular elderly lady gradually come to terms with the effect of ageing upon her life ... and decide to knit her way to her own conclusion. Painstakingly constructed and alive with touching detail, this is a memorable work with a most idiosyncratic and delightful style.

Director: Karla Castañeda
Producer: Luis Tellez
Scriptwriter: Karla Castañeda
Editor: Pedro Jiménez
DoP: Alejandro Cantú
Sound Production: Enrique Greiner, Erick Dounce
Music: Gilberto Cervantes

Light of Darkness

  • Gabriela Retes /
  • Mexico /
  • 2008 /
  • 19 mins

Witty, sharp and daring, this colourful comedy unveils some shifting attitudes amid Mexico's chattering classes. One aspirational couple tries hard to impress another over dinner ... but when the power fails, some gritty truths emerge about where they're all going, separately and together.

Director: Gabriela Retes
Producers: Moisés Cosío, Regina Cinta, Gabriela Retes
Exec Producers: Maite Argulles, Regina Cinta
Scriptwriter: Juan Jose Goldaracena
Editors: Gabriela Retes, Adriana Martinez
DoP: Pablo Reyes A.M.C.
Production Designer: Regina Cinta
Music: Alejandro Castaños, Lino Nava


  • Elisa Miller /
  • Mexico /
  • 2008 /
  • 26 mins

This beautifully shot film follows a solitary runaway as she sneaks into a soap factory to rest and wash. When one of the factory employees catches her, an unexpected and unspoken bond is formed. The result is subtle and sympathetic account of unexpressed needs unexpectedly fulfilled.

Director: Elisa Miller
Producer: Nicolas Celis
Scriptwriter: Elisa Miller
Editor: Ares Botanch
DoP: Christian Riviera, Maria Jose Secco
Sound Production: Federico Schmucler

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