McLaren Animation 2

  • 85 mins

Witness the breathtaking variety of British animation.

 Not suitable for children.

The second of two programmes of shorts in competition for the McLaren Award for Best New British Animation, named after the Scottish co-founder of the National Film Board of Canada. These animated shorts display a plethora of ideas and aesthetics – featured here is an Oscar®-nominated funereal procession, beautiful inner city abstraction, Scottish New Talent winning character animation and innovative BAFTA - nominated brilliance. The winner of the £1000 McLaren Award, supported by BBC Film Network, is chosen by the audience.

Screening with:

Albert’s Speech

  • Richard Fenwick /
  • UK /
  • 2008 /
  • 14 mins

GBH, murder, nuclear strike: one man's desperate quest to avoid delivering his best man speech.

Director: Richard Fenwick
Producer: Shane RJ Walter
Scriptwriter: Richard Fenwick
Editor: Paul Hardcastle
DoP: Jake Polonsky
Production Designer: Sam Tidman
Sound Production: Skydd

Ant & Len

  • Duncan Raitt, Jon Marsh /
  • UK /
  • 2009 /
  • 2 mins

When one devilish character eats himself out of existence, the other must find a way to bring him back.

Directors: Duncan Raitt, Jon Marsh
Producers: Duncan Raitt, Jon Marsh
Scriptwriters: Duncan Raitt, Jon Marsh
DoP: Duncan Raitt, Jon Marsh
Sound Production: Joe Churchman

The Black Dog's Progress

  • Stephen Irwin /
  • UK /
  • 2008 /
  • 3 mins

A sad story told with a series of flipbooks, growing denser as looped scenes accumulate and the narrative develops.

Director: Stephen Irwin
Producer: Stephen Irwin
Scriptwriter: Stephen Irwin
Editor: Stephen Irwin
Music: Sorenious Bonk


  • The Brothers McLeod /
  • UK /
  • 2008 /
  • 4 mins

A subconscious drift through despair, frustration, joy and redemption.

Director: The Brothers McLeod
Producer: The Brothers McLeod
Scriptwriter: The Brothers McLeod
Editor: The Brothers McLeod
DoP: The Brothers McLeod

The Happy Duckling

  • Gili Dolev /
  • UK /
  • 2008 /
  • 9 mins

An ordinary story about a young boy and a very unordinary duck, about to discover that sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

Director: Gili Dolev
Producer: Gili Dolev
Scriptwriter: Gili Dolev
Production Designer: Janek Matysiak
Music: Mick Cooke


  • Nicholas Hampshire /
  • UK /
  • 2008 /
  • 3 mins

The harvester enters into a magical forest to collect fruit.

Director: Nicholas Hampshire
Producer: Nicholas Hampshire
Sound Production: Jerry Leeper
Music: Andrew Fotheringham


  • Steve Warne, Julian Krubasik /
  • UK /
  • 2009 /
  • 2 mins

A music video for the ba

Directors: Steve Warne, Julian Krubasik
Scriptwriter: Steve Warne
Editors: Steve Warne, Julian Krubasik
DoP: Julian Krubasik
Music: Jonquil

Little Face

  • Matthew Walker, Ben Lole /
  • UK /
  • 2009 /
  • 11 mins

Nathan’s job has nothing to do with dinosaurs. This makes Little Face sad.

Directors: Matthew Walker, Ben Lole
Producers: Jeremy Routledge, Steve Gear
Exec Producers: Sarah Jane-Meredith, Julia Caithness, Arilda Tymko
Scriptwriter: Matthew Walker
Editor: Ben Lole
DoP: Louie Blystad-Collins
Sound Production: Roel Slootman
Music: Oliver Davis

On Time Off

  • Bill Porter /
  • UK /
  • 2008 /
  • 5 mins

Drawn from life and memories of working in a Cornish café, this animated landscape explores fire, ice cream and micro-dramas between strangers.

Director: Bill Porter
Sound Production: Shervin Shaeri
Music: Stuart Porter, Chris Hawkins


  • Kirk Hendry /
  • UK /
  • 2008 /
  • 5 mins

A tale of death and rebirth rages in a world of shadowy hands.

Director: Kirk Hendry
Producers: Libby Durdy, Ally Gipps
Exec Producers: Mark Herbert, Pamela Casey
Scriptwriter: Kirk Hendry
Editor: Kirk Hendry
DoP: Andy Lowe
Music: XX Teens


  • Will Adams /
  • UK /
  • 2008 /
  • 2 mins

A chalk and cheese comedy in which a lone astronaut attempts to terraform a hostile planet with a malfunctioning robot as his only companion.

Director: Will Adams
Producer: Rory Lowe
Scriptwriter: Will Adams
Sound Production: John Cobban, Tom Shrapnel
Music: Jamie Smith

This Way Up

  • Smith & Foulkes /
  • UK /
  • 2008 /
  • 9 mins

When a falling boulder flattens their hearse, A T Shank & Son have a bad day, as they make their way cross-country with just a coffin for company.

Director: Smith & Foulkes
Producers: Christopher O'Reilly, Charlotte Bavasso
Scriptwriters: Smith & Foulkes, Christopher O'Reilly
Music: John Greswell, Christopher Taylor

A Traditional Christmas at Small Birds Singing

  • Linda McCarthy /
  • UK /
  • 2008 /
  • 3 mins

Tiny elephants, arguing apples and a body in the hedge ... just an ordinary day at Small Birds.

Director: Linda McCarthy
Scriptwriter: Steven Appleby
DoP: Linda McCarthy
Music: Verbal Vigilante Music

Without You

  • Tal Rosner /
  • UK /
  • 2008 /
  • 5 mins

A visual exploration of London's industrial suburbia, inspired by a Josef Albers poem, revealing the complexity of apparently simple forms.

Director: Tal Rosner
Producer: Tal Rosner
Editor: Tal Rosner
DoP: Jack Clough
Sound Production: Tal Rosner

Yowie And The Magpie

  • Dylan White /
  • UK /
  • 2008 /
  • 4 mins

The downfall of one man and his nemesis – the abominable ape-man of aboriginal folklore – set amid the roc

Director: Dylan White
Producer: Melody Sylvester
Scriptwriter: Tim Telling
Editor: Richard Wheat
Music: Andy Sherriff

Atomic Hubbub

  • Stephen Irwin /
  • UK /
  • 2009 /
  • 2 mins

Director: Stephen Irwin
Sound Production: Stephen Irwin


  • Tom Judd /
  • UK /
  • 2009 /
  • 3 mins

Director: Tom Judd
Producer: Royal College of Art
Sound Production: Jussi Honka

A Family Portrait

  • Joseph Pierce /
  • UK /
  • 2010 /
  • 5 mins

Director: Joseph Pierce
Producers: Mark Grimmer, Aneil Karia
Scriptwriter: Joseph Pierce
Editor: Robbie Morrison
DoP: Liam Iandoli
Sound Production: Dominic Fitzgerald
Music: Dominic Fitzgerald

Fly on the Window

  • Nikita Diakur /
  • UK /
  • 2009 /
  • 7 mins

Director: Nikita Diakur
Sound Production: Jussi Honka
Music: Enrica Sciandrone

The Rhythm of Story: The Quest

  • Karn David /
  • UK /
  • 2009 /
  • 2 mins

Director: Karn David
Sound Production: Karn David

Savage Mountain

  • Steve Warne /
  • UK /
  • 2010 /
  • 3 mins

Director: Steve Warne
Scriptwriter: Steve Warne
Editor: Steve Warne
DoP: Julian Krubasik
Production Designer: Steve Warne
Sound Production: Marcin Knyziak
Music: James Lark

Save Our Bacon

  • Peter Baynton /
  • UK /
  • 2010 /
  • 14 mins

Director: Peter Baynton
Producers: Tristan Goligher, Valentina Brazzini
Exec Producers: Jude Goldrei, Anna Seifert-Speck, Camilla Deakin
Scriptwriters: Peter Baynton, Davey Spens
Sound Production: Tim Barker
Music: Geoff Lawson

Shadow Play

  • David Lea, John Williams /
  • UK /
  • 2010 /
  • 8 mins

Directors: David Lea, John Williams
Producers: David Lea, John Williams
Scriptwriters: David Lea, John Williams
Sound Production: John Williams, David Lea, Rosalie Wilson
Music: Anthony Telfer-Brown


  • Todd Setter, Dean Wright /
  • UK /
  • 2009 /
  • 4 mins

Directors: Todd Setter, Dean Wright
Producer: University of Glamorgan
Scriptwriter: Todd Settler
Editors: Todd Setter, Dean Wright
DoP: Todd Setter, Dean Wright
Production Designers: Todd Setter, Dean Wright


  • Max Hattler /
  • UK, France, Germany /
  • 2010 /
  • 4 mins

Director: Max Hattler
Producer: Nicholas Schmerkin
Scriptwriter: Max Hattler
Editors: Tony Fish, Max Hattler
DoP: Max Hattler
Sound Production: Eclectic
Music: Eclectic

Welcome to Twister

  • Owen Rixon /
  • UK /
  • 2009 /
  • 8 mins

Director: Owen Rixon
Scriptwriter: Owen Rixon
Editor: Owen Rixon
Production Designer: Owen Rixon
Sound Production: David Ritson
Music: Penelope Cousland, Gylen Boardman, Rosanna Young, Innis Walker, Ally Beattie, Owen Rixon

What Light (Through Yonder Window Breaks)

  • Sarah Wickens /
  • UK /
  • 2009 /
  • 4 mins

Director: Sarah Wickens
Sound Production: Graham Lawson

The Finger Trap

  • Julia McLean /
  • UK /
  • 2008 /
  • 4 mins

Sometimes temptation is too hard to resist for Wilson Brown and his Chinese Finger Trap.

Director: Julia McLean
Producer: Shian Holt
Exec Producers: Cameron Fraser, Neil Jack, Ewan Angus, Robbie Allen, Julia Caithness Dale Corlett, Karen O’Hare
Scriptwriter: Julia McLean
Editor: Eiko Emersleben
Music: John Harris

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