International Shorts 3: Teen Spirit

  • 90 mins

An eclectic programme of shorts observing young, charismatic characters exploring their way into adulthood.

An eclectic programme of shorts observing young, charismatic characters exploring their way into adulthood. A sexual awakening in the countryside, a longed-for escape to far away countries, a shocking birthday party, a day in a facility for abused teenagers, a fateful encounter with a Manga-loving girl... Seductive, vengeful, provocative, frustrated or simply plain dangerous, the young protagonists of these shorts from Ireland, New Zealand, Taiwan, the US and Austria are caught in their own unique, fascinating coming of age journeys.

Screening with:

Betty Banned Sweets

  • Michelle Savill /
  • New Zealand /
  • 2008 /
  • 14 mins

While a boy obsessively dreams of travelling to far away countries, his mother plans his unwanted birthday party.

Director: Michelle Savill
Producer: Michelle Savill
Scriptwriter: Michelle Savill
Editor: Tracey Egerton
DoP: Chris Tan

The Eighteenth Birthday Party

  • Chuang Ching-Shen /
  • Taiwan /
  • 2008 /
  • 20 mins

Emma, who has become a perfect girl thanks to her father's strict discipline and education, reveals the truth about their distorted relationship during her 18th birthday party.

Director: Chuang Ching-Shen
Producer: Wang Li-Wen
Exec Producers: Chuang Ching-Shen, Wang Yin-Kuo
Scriptwriter: Wang Li-Wen
Editors: Chuang Ching-Shen, Wang Yu-Lin
DoP: Fu Shih-Ying

Lowland Fell

  • Michael Kinirons /
  • Ireland /
  • 2008 /
  • 21 mins

In the middle of nowhere, a girl comes across two young brothers working in the fields. This chance encounter and the discovery of a mummified corpse will bring the three of them together for a night of exploration.

Director: Michael Kinirons
Producer: Katie Holly
Scriptwriters: Michael Kinirons, Elaine Harrington
Editor: Zoe Ellis
DoP: Suzie Lavelle
Production Designer: Eleonora McNamara
Music: Chris White

Short Term 12

  • Destin Daniel Cretton /
  • USA /
  • 2008 /
  • 22 mins

The day-to-day challenges faced by a group of social care workers in a residential facility housing young people affected by abuse and neglect.

Director: Destin Daniel Cretton
Producers: Destin Daniel Cretton, Michelle Steffes, Anthony Pang
Scriptwriter: Destin Daniel Cretton
Editor: Destin Daniel Cretton
DoP: Brett Pawlak
Production Designer: Mary Alexander Jacobs
Sound Production: Ross Hendler
Music: Destin Daniel Cretton


  • Christoph Kuschnig /
  • Austria /
  • 2009 /
  • 13 mins

Provocative teenager Lili climbs into Alex's car while he’s taking a rest. Incredulous, but attracted to her, he starts driving as they begin to chat; her Manga comic – Eiko – holds the key to her intentions.

Director: Christoph Kuschnig
Producer: Martin Maier
Scriptwriter: Christoph Kuschnig
Editor: Christoph Kuschnig
DoP: Harald Staudach
Sound Production: Michael Plöderl

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