International Animation 1

  • 92 mins

The first of two programmes showcasing world animation.

highlighting the best new International Short Form Animation, familiar narrative structures that have characters we can identify with are interspersed with more experimental films. The inclusion of both conventional and challenging works – highlighting the indefinable nature of animated film – demonstrates the limitless capacity of the form.

Screening with:


  • Max Hattler /
  • UK, Japan, Germany /
  • 2008 /
  • 5 mins

The ever-changing shape of Analogue Futurism

Director: Max Hattler
Producer: Max Hattler
Music: Jemapur


  • Jean-Luc Greco, Catherine Buffat /
  • France /
  • 2008 /
  • 10 mins

A poetic and melancholic evocation of one volatile moment in the life of Fernand, a little boy who lives with his mother Josette, his aunt Louise and a feisty dog, Colchique.

Directors: Jean-Luc Greco, Catherine Buffat
Producer: Laurent Pouvaret
Scriptwriter: Jean-Luc Greco
Editor: Nathalie Pat
DoP: Jean-Pierre Chalignié
Production Designers: Jean-Luc Greco, Catherine Buffat
Music: Alexis Pecharman


  • Izabela Plucinska /
  • Germany, Poland /
  • 2009 /
  • 25 mins

Esterhazy is sent by the Patriarch to Berlin in 1989 to find a huge, healthy and beefy bunny wife. After a long, extensive search he finds a paradise of bunnies near the Berlin Wall.

Director: Izabela Plucinska
Producer: Monika Sajko-Gradowska
Scriptwriters: Izabela Plucinska, Anna Jadowska
Editor: Dirk Schreier
DoP: Izabela Plucinska
Production Designer: Agata Rojek
Sound Production: Kacper Habisiak, Marcin Kasinski
Music: Max Knoth


  • Camillelvis Théry /
  • France /
  • 2008 /
  • 9 mins

On the last polar day, on the singing ice, Inuk and the mischievous bear see their white world change to a black ocean of a whale with big eyes.

Director: Camillelvis Théry
Producer: Bruno Bianchi
Scriptwriter: Camillelvis Théry
Editor: Gwen Mallauran
DoP: Olivier Gillon
Production Designer: Camillelvis Théry
Sound Production: Loïc Burkhardt
Music: Camillelvis Théry


  • Glen Hunwick /
  • Australia /
  • 2008 /
  • 7 mins

A simple game of ‘fetch’ is Mutt’s only desire in exchange for loyalty and hard work, but the harsh taskmaster, Mac, is too busy to play.

Director: Glen Hunwick
Producer: Beth Frey
Scriptwriter: Glen Hunwick
Editor: Gary Woodyard
DoP: Jon Billington
Sound Production: Jason Murphy
Music: Blair Joscelyne


  • Marv Newland /
  • Canada /
  • 2008 /
  • 5 mins

Every frame of this film is a postcard which has been sent through the mail before being filmed

Director: Marv Newland
Exec Producer: Fred Seibert
Editor: Alen Puaca
DoP: Bruce Alcock, Joe Truesdell, Alen Puaca
Production Designer: Marv Newland
Sound Production: Craig Waddell, Ewan Deane
Music: Joe Venuti, John Carroll, Paul Plimley


  • Luke Randall /
  • Australia /
  • 2009 /
  • 4 mins

A tiny robot is given the gift of life with only one limitation: the length of his power cable. When a curious bird appears at the workshop window, his lust to live outside of his reach may be his demise.

Director: Luke Randall
Production Designer: Luke Randall
Music: Philip Glass


  • Caroline Huf /
  • Australia /
  • 2008 /
  • 7 mins

Experimental work allowing thoughts and images to surface through improvisation of the sculpting and animation processes.

Director: Caroline Huf
Producer: Caroline Huf
Scriptwriter: Caroline Huf
Editor: Caroline Huf
Music: Frankie Death

Variations Sur Marilou

  • Félix Dufour-Laperrière /
  • Canada, France /
  • 2008 /
  • 6 mins

Marilou seems to haunt, exhaust, and entice her lover all at once. Beautiful chiaroscuro sketches of the female nude accompany the observations of a man consumed by desire.

Director: Félix Dufour-Laperrière
Producer: Gerald Leroux
Scriptwriter: Felix Dufour-Laperriere
Editors: Nathalie Pat, Félix Dufour-Laperrière
DoP: Felix Dufour-Laperriere
Sound Production: Olivier Calvert, Philippe Deschamps, Yann Legay
Music: Serge Gainsbourg

Western Spaghetti

  • PES /
  • USA /
  • 2008 /
  • 3 mins

An appetising meal is prepared from inedible objects in this work of magical stop motion.

Director: PES
Producer: Sarah Phelps
Editor: Sam Welch

The Yellow Bird

  • Tom Schroeder /
  • USA /
  • 2008 /
  • 12 mins

A young man flees the draft for World War I and finds a job on a cattle ranch in eastern Montana. He accidentally shoots himself and takes a horse drawn cart to try and reach medical attention.

Director: Tom Schroeder
Scriptwriter: Jay Orff
Sound Production: Tom Schroeder
Music: Tom Schroeder

The Art of Drowning

  • Diego Maclean /
  • Canada /
  • 2009 /
  • 2 mins

Director: Diego Maclean
Sound Production: Flavio Marchesin
Music: Flavio Marchesin

The Cow Who Wanted to be a Hamburger

  • Bill Plympton /
  • USA /
  • 2010 /
  • 6 mins

Director: Bill Plympton
Producer: Biljana Labovic
Scriptwriter: Bill Plympton
Editor: Biljana Labovic
DoP: Kerri Allegretta
Production Designer: Bill Plympton
Sound Production: Corey Jackson
Music: Corey Jackson, Nicole Renaud

Danny Boy

  • Marek Skrobecki /
  • Poland, Switzerland /
  • 2010 /
  • 10 mins

Director: Marek Skrobecki
Producers: Zbigniew Zmudzki, Luc Toutounghi
Scriptwriter: Marek Skrobecki
Editor: Janusz Czubak
DoP: Andrzej Jaroszewicz
Production Designer: Katarzyna Wasiela
Sound Production: Floriant Pittet
Music: Floriant Pittet

Ego Sum Petrus

  • Julien Dexant /
  • France /
  • 2010 /
  • 4 mins

Director: Julien Dexant
Producers: Serge Elissalde, Olivier Catherin
Scriptwriters: Julien Dexant, Alexis Ragougneau
Editor: Jimmy Audoin
Sound Production: Gwenaël Drapeau
Music: Gwenaël Drapeau, Julien Dexant, Eric Proud


  • Kristjan Holm /
  • Estonia /
  • 2009 /
  • 6 mins

Director: Kristjan Holm
Producer: Ülo Pikkov
Scriptwriter: Kristjan Holm
Editor: Kristjan Holm
DoP: Kristjan Holm
Production Designer: Kristjan Holm
Sound Production: Horret Kuus
Music: Kaspar Jancis


  • Brothers Quay /
  • Poland, UK /
  • 2010 /
  • 24 mins

Director: Brothers Quay
Producers: Marlena Lukasiak, Zbigniew Zmudzki
Exec Producer: Adam Ptak
Editor: Brothers Quay
DoP: Brothers Quay
Sound Production: Janusz Czubak
Music: Krzysztof Penderecki

The Polish Language

  • Alice Lyons, Orla McHardy /
  • Ireland /
  • 2009 /
  • 8 mins

Directors: Alice Lyons, Orla McHardy
Producer: Steve Woods
Scriptwriter: Alice Lyons
DoP: Kate McCullough
Production Designer: Orla McHardy
Sound Production: Justin Spooner

Sauna Tango

  • Vera Lalyko /
  • Germany /
  • 2010 /
  • 4 mins

Director: Vera Lalyko
Producer: Vera Lalyko
Scriptwriter: Vera Lalyko
Production Designer: Matthias von Lonski
Sound Production: Joo Fürst
Music: Kai Struwe


  • Ben Richardson, Daniel Bird /
  • Czech Republic, USA /
  • 2009 /
  • 12 mins

Directors: Ben Richardson, Daniel Bird
Producer: Josh Hetzler
Scriptwriter: Daniel Bird
Editor: John Pape
DoP: Ben Richardson
Sound Production: Iaeden Hovorka, Laura Sinnott
Music: Marcus Sjowall

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