Document / UK premiere

Goodbye, How Are You? (Dovidjenja, Kako Ste?)

  • Boris Mitic /
  • Serbia /
  • 2009 /
  • 61 mins

Documentary / Serbian

Jokes as a weapon of resistance: how satire sustains a beleaguered culture.

Screening with zasto ne Govorim Srpski (na Srpskom)
Phil Collins | 2008 | 35 Min

Director: Boris Mitic
Producer: Boris Mitic
Scriptwriter: Boris Mitic
Editors: Boris Mitic, Aleksandar Uhrin
DoP: Boris Mitic
Music: Pascal Comelade

Boris Mitic, Dribbling Pictures, Bitoljska 2, Belgrade, 11030, Serbia
tel: +381 637 715 241, fax: +381 112 391 369

2009 Archive

Image from Goodbye, How Are You?

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  • #1 Anzalone Lorenzo / Thursday 25 June, 2009 / 16:04 GMT

    This film is amazing. His separating it into 24 chapters, the use of aphorisms to explain more deeply his feelings: to both intellectualize and make prosaic the images which are absurd and sometimes awful, the use of whimsy in the music for at the end of the day what can we do in the face of such a war except shrug for our participation and laugh at it's ridiculousness. I appreciate very much how long it must have taken to collect all these hours of film, and to wonder if it would come to fruition in the end. This film is not just the exploration of one mans feelings about war and his country, it is the deep flowering of knowledge, that it seems as though a river of ignorance and absurdity surround us, and that the reaction, his reaction, is to find the human spirit is quite savage and funny in the same turn. Lovely, a vision, an essay on memories.

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