International Shorts: Mexico

  • 75 mins

The future of Mexican cinema is in good hands.

Screening with:


  • Javier Aguilera, Jorge Aguilera /
  • Mexico /
  • 2007 /
  • 9 mins

Alex, a young photographer from Mexico City is hired by a fashion magazine to shoot their cover in Iceland. Ana the beautiful model he's brought with him disappears one morning, leaving Alex a single clue as to where he can find her. Clearly intrigued, Alex decides to follow Ana, but quickly finds himself immersed in a mysterious game. A five level labyrinth that spreads across Europe but has no real way out.

Alex, a young fashion photographer from Mexico is hired to shoot an editorial in Iceland. When his beautiful model disappears he decides to follow her and finds himself in a mysterious game across Europe with no way out.

Directors: Javier Aguilera, Jorge Aguilera
Producer: Jorge Aguilera
Scriptwriters: Javier Aguilera, Jorge Aguilera, Jose Marquez
Editors: El Choco, Camilo Abadia, Karioki
Production Designer: Barbara Enriquez
Sound Production: Rodolfo Romero
Music: Yamil Rezc

At the End

  • Juan Manuel González /
  • Mexico /
  • 2007 /
  • 7 mins

A man suddenly faces the possibility that he is living his final moments.

Director: Juan Manuel González
Producer: Janeth Aguirre Elizondo
Scriptwriter: Juan Manuel González
Editor: Samuel Larson
Production Designer: Pablo Garza
Sound Production: Samuel Larson

End Of The Line

  • Acán Coen /
  • Mexico /
  • 2007 /
  • 11 mins

Two lovers who barely know each other will experience a change in their relationship when she arrives with bruises on her body...

Director: Acán Coen
Producer: Sara Rubalcava
Scriptwriter: Acán Coen
Editor: Mariana Rodríguez
Production Designer: Diana Saade
Sound Production: Enrique Greiner, Erick Dounce
Music: Carlos Vértiz

Fish Soup

  • Nuria Ibáñez /
  • Mexico /
  • 2007 /
  • 7 mins

Director: Nuria Ibáñez
Producer: Laila Castillo
Scriptwriter: Nuria Ibáñez
Editor: Miguel Schverdfinger
Production Designer: Diana Saade
Sound Production: Enrique Greiner, Eric Dounce

In Transit

  • Isabel Munoz Cota Callejas /
  • Mexico /
  • 2007 /
  • 21 mins

This is the story about the meeting of two foreigners in an unknown city.

This is the story about the meeting of two foreigners in an unknown city.

Director: Isabel Munoz Cota Callejas
Producer: Angeles Castro
Scriptwriter: Isabel Munoz Cota Callejas
Editor: Hugo Mendoaci
Production Designer: Alejandra Ugarta
Sound Production: Rogelio Villainozua
Music: Emiliano Bucafil


  • Roberto Fiesco /
  • Mexico /
  • 2008 /
  • 10 mins

Román has decided to leave his hometown, but first he must say goodbye to Paloma.

Director: Roberto Fiesco
Producer: Daniel Alonso
Scriptwriter: Julián Hernández
Editor: Emiliano Arenales Osorio
Production Designer: Álvaro Hernández
Sound Production: Alejandro Zuno, Tres Monos
Music: Arturo Villela

Paradise Café

  • Alonso Ruizpalacios /
  • Mexico /
  • 2008 /
  • 10 mins

Two Mexican immigrants work as cooks at the Paradise Café. The youngest rehearses his heroic resignation, through which he hopes to regain his youth, dignity and even win the love of a waitress. But things aren’t as they seem at the Paradise Café, where reality becomes fiction and fiction reality.

Director: Alonso Ruizpalacios
Producer: Patricia Coronado
Scriptwriter: Alonso Ruizpalacios
Editor: Juan Manuel Figueroa
Music: Tomás Barreiro, Freddie Stevenson

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