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  • 3D Explained

    • 100 mins

    There’s a visual revolution going on...

  • 6pm Panel: Animation

    • 60 mins

    From Harryhausen’s skeletons to Corin Hardy’s groundbreaking music videos and Pixar’s WALL•E, this is a hot animation year at EIFF. Discuss this most fluid of forms with some of its exponents.

  • 6pm Panel: Contemporary Criticism

    • 60 mins

    Does the internet sound the death knell for print criticism? Leading film critics explore the future of their industry.

  • 6pm Panel: Documentary – The Facts and Fictions

    • 60 mins

    The documentary landscape has expanded in recent years. With ever more experimental forms, is the distinction between fact and fiction still clear in film?

  • 6pm Panel: Landscape and Location

    • 60 mins

    The physical placement of a film is critical. Here, experts in cinematography and locations reveal their secrets.

  • 6pm Panel: Positive Piracy?

    • 60 mins

    Piracy hurts the industry. Yet the sharing of rare and cult film on the internet expands film education and creates new communities of enthusiasts ... Debate the rights and wrongs with those who have a stake.

  • 6pm Panel: Taking the Temperature of British Film

    • 60 mins

    The UK Film Council’s New Cinema Fund supported several films in this year’s EIFF (including Better Things; Donkey Punch; Man on Wire) Representatives of the fund will be there to discuss the current condition of UK cinema.

  • 6pm Panel: The New Horror

    • 60 mins

    From ‘torture porn’ to zombie comedy: what now defines this key commercial genre?

  • Achtung! Maybe!

    • 195 mins
  • An Insight into the Edinburgh International Film Festival

    A unique five-day course that includes seven EIFF premieres and events - Enrolling Now!

  • Animate in a Weekend

    • 255 mins

    Have an animated adventure during this fun weekend workshop.

  • Awards Ceremony

    • 120 mins

    The day of reckoning arrives!

  • Awards Ceremony

    • 90 mins

    End the Festival on a celebratory note, as we hand out the gongs...

  • Awards Ceremony

    • 30 Jun 13:00
    • 90 mins
  • Awards Ceremony

    • 28 Jun 13:00
    • 185 mins

    Join Festival staff and guests in a celebration of our diverse and exciting programme!