Author: Claudia Puig

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Claudia Puig is the film critic for USA Today, and is on the Michael Powell Jury at this year's Festival.

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  • Stately affairs

    Several film festival jurors were ferried off to attend a fete at the stately Edinburgh Castle Sunday night to honor of the Scottish film industry's partnership with the Indian film world.

  • Intellectual nourishment

    Friday was a record day for the Michael Powell jury. We watched 3 films between 9 and 4 with a short break for lunch. While we were entertained, minds stimulated and our curiosity piqued, sustenance came in a variety of forms.

  • Tales from the opening night

    Just before Away We Go screened at the fest last night, John Krasinski, who stars in the film with Maya Rudolph, popped by to mingle with festivalgoers sipping champagne in a private room next to the theatre.

  • The Jury gathers

    The festival juries arrived somewhat bleary-eyed Monday and Tuesday, winging (and in one case ferrying) in from around Europe, the US and Australia.